Photochromic Lenses Explained

Transition Lenses

Transition lenses, also known as photochromic lenses, offer you a unique and highly versatile advantage when compared to traditional glasses lenses. Photochromic glasses adapt to the light levels they are exposed to, gradually transitioning from clear to tinted as environmental light increases.

This means your normal pair of everyday photochromic glasses can become a UV-resistant pair of sunglasses, just by stepping outside on a sunny day!

What are transition lenses?

Transition lenses, also known as photochromic lenses, are a type of lens that are designed to automatically darken in response to UV light exposure and revert to a clear state indoors or in low UV light conditions.

These lenses provide a convenient solution for people who need prescription glasses but also want the benefits of sunglasses without having to switch between different pairs. Transition lenses offer both UV protection and eye comfort by adjusting their tint level based on the intensity of sunlight, making them ideal for everyday use in varying lighting conditions.

How do transition lenses work?

These lenses use unique photochromic gas molecules. Each transition lens contains millions of these molecules which are transparent until they are exposed to UV light (when you step outside on a bright or sunny day).

This clever chemistry changes the structure of the molecules within the lens as more light is absorbed by the molecules. This gradual change from clear to dark is what gives them their name, transition lenses.

The amount the lenses darken is completely dependent on the amount of UV light that is absorbed, this means that if you go outside on a dull day you will still be able to see clearly as the lenses will only darken a small amount. Whereas if you go outside on a very sunny day, a lot of UV light will be absorbed by the lenses, so they will transition into the equivalent of sunglasses – protecting your eyes just as normal sunglasses do.

Once you go back indoors, or a darker environment, the lenses will then automatically reduce their tint, and return back to normal clear glasses lenses.

Prescription transition glasses

Prescription transition lenses combine the visual correction of standard prescription lenses with the adaptive technology of photochromic transition lenses. Prescription transition lenses work in the same way as standard transition lenses making them a practical choice for people who frequently move between indoors and outdoors and want a single pair of prescription glasses that adapt to suit what they are doing.

Transition lenses from Glasses2You

We offer a range of light-reacting lenses to suit your budget, including Xtractive lenses and TRANSITIONS7® lenses*. Find out more about them below:

Photochromic Lenses

Great value basic photochromic lenses darken when exposed to UV or sunlight, providing both convenience and protection against glare in changing light conditions.

Transitions Signature GEN 8 Lenses

Transition Signature GEN 8 lenses are expertly engineered to offer the clearest lenses with the fastest transitions. These lenses offer high levels of UV protection and tend to have a slightly longer life when compared to other types of photochromic lenses.

Transitions XTRActive Lenses

Powerful dyes and the latest nano-composite matrix means Transitions XTRActive offer wearers an extra dark lens, perfect for those with high light sensitivity, or if they are frequently exposed to bright light.

Transition lenses can be selected with any of our glasses frames, so you have hundreds of colours and styles to choose from. You can try any of our frames on to see how they would look on you by using our free virtual mirror service.

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