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Glasses2You is a leading retainer of sunglasses online, and we are proud to offer a huge selection of high-quality sunglasses to provide your eyes with important UV protection. Our sunglasses come in various styles, from classic aviator sunglasses to trendy cat-eye framed sunglasses. Our entire range is available as either prescription sunglasses and non-prescription sunglasses, simply choose what you need during checkout and we’ll take care if the rest. We also stock designer sunglasses, from big names including Ray-Ban and Oakley.

The sunglasses we stock have been chosen for their superior quality, ensuring providee a high level of UV protection to help to prevent eye strain and reduce the risk of eye damage caused by sunlight. They are also great for reducing glare and improving visibility in bright sunlight, making it safer and more comfortable to be outdoors.

All of our frames can have standard transparent lenses or tinted lenses, to make them sunglasses, meaning you have hundreds of frames to choose from to find your next pair of sunglasses.

Prescription Sunglasses For Men

Our extensive range of prescription men's sunglasses combines the latest trends with high-quality materials, offering you a diverse array of options to elevate your look.

Whether you prefer classic aviators, round frames, or bold designer frames, our collection caters to a variety of tastes. Find the perfect pair to complement your lifestyle and enhance your outdoor experience, ensuring you step out in style with confidence and comfort.

Prescription Sunglasses For Women

Discover our women's prescription sunglasses that caters to diverse tastes, offering an array of sunglasses that go beyond just eye protection.

From timeless round frames to chic oversized shades, each pair is made to enhance your individual style and elevate your overall aesthetic. Whether you're soaking up the sun on a leisurely day or stepping out for a special occasion, our sunglasses are designed to be a reflection of your personality and a statement of confidence.

Designer Sunglasses at Glasses2You

We have a range of designer sunglasses from leading designer brands like Oakley, Ray Ban and Ted Baker to take your sunglasses style to the next level. We also offer a large range of designer prescription sunglasses to eliminate the need to switch between regular glasses and non-prescription sunglasses and provide you with the best possible vision.

Lens Options For Sunglasses

Choosing the right lens for your glasses can transform your sunglasses and further personalise them to be completely bespoke to you. Explore the lens options we have available for our selection of designer sunglasses and cheap prescription sunglasses online below.

Mirror Tints

Opt for our mirror tint lenses to not only shield your eyes from harsh sunlight but also reflect your distinctive style. Beyond shielding your eyes from harsh sunlight, these lenses boast a striking mirrored coating and add a touch of mystery and flair.

Photochromic Lenses

Experience adaptive comfort with our photochromic lenses that seamlessly adjust to changing light conditions. These lenses intelligently respond to changing light conditions, effortlessly transitioning from darkened shades in bright sunlight to lighter tones indoors.

The result is a continuous and adaptive visual experience, eliminating the need for frequent lens changes. Our photochromic lenses ensure that your eyes stay comfortably shielded while maintaining optimal clarity.

Transitions® Lenses

Transitions® lenses are known for their advanced adaptive light technology. They adjust more quickly and smoothly to changing light conditions than standard photochromic lenses. This means they can darken in response to sunlight more rapidly and return to clear when you move indoors, providing a more comfortable visual experience throughout the day.

Polarised Lenses

Step into a world of glare-free clarity with our polarised lenses. Ideal for outdoor enthusiasts and drivers, these lenses reduce glare from reflective surfaces such as water, snow, and roads, ensuring enhanced visual comfort and improved visibility.

The result is a heightened level of visual comfort and improved visibility, allowing you to appreciate the world around you without the hindrance of glare. Embrace the glare-free views with our polarised lenses, ideal for leisurely outdoor activities and daily commutes alike.

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Gone are the days when you could only afford to buy one pair of glasses for all occasions. The emergence of Glasses2you means that you can now have spare pairs of prescription specs in your car, at work or even upstairs if you so wish. It also means that you can now afford to have different styles to suit your mood or to suit every occasion in your hectic life. We really can save you a fortune on your glasses.

Buy prescription glasses online with Glasses2you. Reading glasses and affordable prescription spectacles available - FREE UK and international* delivery. Overseas orders are sent by 'International Tracked & Signed'. We prepare your glasses using the same processes, technology and suppliers as those employed by high street opticians. Our only compromise is on price not on quality.