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Supplying Us With Your Prescription

We've made this part of the process an absolute breeze because prescriptions, especially optician's handwriting, can be difficult to understand.

If you've not yet supplied your prescription, here's what to do next...

OPTION 1. (Our preference:)

1. Using your mobile phone, photograph your prescription. (Please make sure your name and address are visible in the photo)

2. Then text 'MYRX' to 07537 416868 (remembering to attach the photo of your prescription) OR email it from your phone to

We'll receive this text as an email. We'll respond to say we've received your prescription (During office hours)


Photograph or scan your prescription and email it to us from your ipad or computer to

Please add your order number to the email subject line.

Further options...

You may enter it online using our online form during the order process (please check the + or - values on your prescription very carefully!)

You may call us on 01489 572340 and we can take the details from you and confirm all your requirements.

All these options are shown during the order process and you can select one of them.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed - 14 Days Free Returns

Gone are the days when you could only afford to buy one pair of specs for all occasions. The emergence of glasses2you means that you can now have spare pairs of prescription specs in your car, at work or even upstairs if you so wish. It also means that you can now afford to have different styles to suit your mood or to suit every occasion in your hectic life. We really can save you a fortune on your spectacles.

Buy prescription glasses online with Glasses2you. Reading glasses and affordable prescription spectacles available - UK and Worldwide delivery. We prepare our spectacles using the same processes, technology and suppliers as those employed by high street opticians. Our only compromise is on price not on quality.

Dear sir/madam,
I am delighted with my new specs (and the previous pair). If you need an endorsement from a Dr or Professor (I am both) I am happy to oblige!
I'm delighted with my glasses and will happily recommend you to friends and colleagues (in fact I already have!!).
Best wishes, JB€