Fitting & Adjusting Your Glasses

Fitting & Adjusting Your Glasses

Before buying your glasses we highly recommend you take a look at our frame fitting guide, if you follow the steps your glasses should fit you perfectly when they arrive. But, if you do need to adjust them slightly, or you want to adjust an existing pair of glasses to make them more comfortable, you are in the right place!

Getting To Know Your Glasses

Before making any adjustments, you should begin by getting to know your glasses. There are five main parts of your glasses that you will be able to adjust, these are:

- Nose pads

- Temple corner

- Temple end piece

- Temple bend

- Lenses (if these need changing we can help with a new pair of glasses or a reglaze!)

The Glasses Fitting Checklist

Follow these steps to quickly identify which part of your frame needs adjusting, remember, all adjustments should be gentle to avoid over stressing your frames!

Are Your Glasses Too High/Low?

The height of your glasses is often related to the positioning of the nose pad, it can be adjusted in minutes. Generally, making your nose pad wider will lower the position of your glasses, and narrower will make them higher - more about nose pad alterations.

Are Your Glasses Too Loose/Tight?

Adjusting the frame of your glasses to make them tighter or looser is important to make sure your glasses fit your head shape properly. To do this you will need to adjust the temples of your frames, inwards will make them tighter, and outwards will make them looser. Soaking acetate glasses in hot water can help to soften the acetate and make them easier to mould. Find out more about adjusting your glasses temples.

Is Your Prescription Correct?

Your glasses prescription is by far the most important consideration for your glasses. And it is sometimes surprising how quickly your prescription can change. If you are under 40 you should have your eyes tested every 2 years, and if you're over 40 you should have them tested annually. If you need to update your glasses to your new prescription you can have them reglazed by us or find new frames that you love.

Making Adjustments To Your Frames

Adjusting Your Nose Pads

Making adjustments to the nose pad of your glasses is essential for achieving the perfect fit and comfort. By delicately manipulating the nose pads, you can customise the height at which your glasses rest on your face. If you bend the nose pads inward, you'll elevate the glasses, effectively lifting them higher on your nose bridge. Equally, bending them outward will lower the position, ensuring they sit lower and more comfortably.

This simple tweak not only enhances your visual clarity but also optimises the overall feel of your eyewear for a tailored and comfortable wearing experience.

Fitting Your Glasses

When it comes to achieving the perfect fit for your glasses, the possibilities for customisation are virtually endless. Nearly every aspect of your glasses can be meticulously adjusted to ensure optimal comfort and functionality. From the nose pads and temple arms to the frame's width and lens positioning, these customisable options allow you to fine-tune your glasses to suit your unique preferences and facial features.

To explore the full spectrum of adjustment possibilities, we invite you to watch our informative video, where we cover how you can make personalised glasses adjustments, helping you discover the ideal fit that not only enhances your vision but also complements your individual style and comfort preferences.

How To Choose A Frame That Fits

When choosing your new pair of frames you can use measurements from your current glasses to get the right fit. Our instructional video provides valuable insights into the key measurements you should provide when choosing your new frames.

By understanding vital factors such as the frame's width, temple length, and bridge size, you can confidently choose a frame option that not only aligns with your style but also provides a great fit, enhancing both your visual clarity and overall comfort. Watch our video for some of the most important measurements you can take to make sure you're getting the perfect frames for you.

If you have bought frames from us and you are not completely satisfied, don't hesitate to get in touch with us to speak to one of our team about how we can help you. We offer thousands of glasses styles and designs at affordable prices, check them out below.

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