Single Vision Lenses

Single Vision Lenses

Learn more about the single vision lenses we use to make your next new pair of glasses. From lens thicknesses & indexes, find out what lens you need to suit your prescription & budget!

What are Single Vision lenses?

Single vision lenses are what most people associate a glasses lens to be, with a single prescription value across the entire lens. They're suitable for any one kind of use; reading, computer work or distance.

Ideal for people that are short (minus SPH value requiring distance glasses) or long sighted (plus SPH value requiring reading glasses) that only need one pair of glasses. If you require glasses for both uses, we recommend a progressive lens.

Wearers of single vision glasses benefit from the precision of vision correction, as the entire lens is dedicated to addressing a specific visual impairment, be it for distance vision or up-close tasks.

Single Vision lens types

Standard 1.5 index

Our standard 1.5 index CR39 plastic lenses, perfect for general use and all frame types. Excellent optical quality means a great value lens.

Available in our Value, Bronze & Silver lens packages.

Recommended for prescriptions with sphere values up to +/- 3.00.

Thin 1.6 index

Our thin 1.6 index lens is both thinner and lighter than our 1.5 lens, giving you a reduction in thickness by 20%. Perfect for all frame types.

Select our Gold lens package to choose this lens & you'll get Scratch Resistance, Anti-Reflection & UV coatings included.

Recommended for prescriptions with sphere values up to +/- 4.00.

Thinner 1.67 index

The 1.67 index lens is great for people with a higher prescription. The aspheric surface design means a flatter front curvature and a reduction in weight & thickness by 30%.

Perfect for full and semi-rimmed frames. Select our Gold+ lens package to choose this lens.

Recommended for prescriptions with sphere values up to +/- 4.25.

Thinnest 1.74 index

Designed for high prescriptions, these 1.74 index lenses are extremely thin and light, delivering outstanding optical quality due to an aspheric design.

It’s one of the thinnest and flattest plastic lenses available, which are incredibly up to 40% thinner than 1.50 index lenses. This thinner lens is much more flattering, reducing the distortion that high prescriptions cause when made with lower index lenses.

Choose the Platinum lens package to select this lens. Not recommended for rimless frames.

Recommended for prescriptions with sphere values above +/- 4.25.

Vision Issues That Single-Vision Glasses Can Correct

Several common sight problems can be fixed by wearing a single vision lens.


Myopia, commonly known as nearsightedness, is a refractive error that hinders the ability to see distant objects clearly. In individuals with myopia, light entering the eye focuses in front of the retina rather than directly on it, leading to blurry vision when looking at objects in the distance. Single vision lenses are a highly effective solution for vision correction in the case of myopia.

In the case of myopia, single vision lenses are designed with a prescription that compensates for the elongated shape of the eyeball, allowing light to focus directly on the retina. By reshaping the way light enters the eye, single vision lenses ensure that distant objects appear sharp and well-defined.


Hyperopia, or farsightedness, is a common refractive error where distant objects can be seen more clearly than those up close. In individuals with hyperopia, light entering the eye focuses behind the retina rather than directly on it, leading to blurred vision when attempting to view nearby objects.

Single vision lenses serve as an effective measure to correct vision for hyperopia by addressing this refractive error. By adjusting the way light enters the eye, single vision lenses ensure that the focal point is brought forward onto the retina, allowing individuals with hyperopia to see close-up objects more clearly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a single vision lens and a progressive lens?

Single vision only contains a single prescription value across the entire lens and they are typically for general use, such as reading, computer work or distance. Progressive lenses such as bifocals and varifocals, are lenses which contain multiple prescriptions for near, intermediate and distance vision. Progressive lenses are typically used to counter presbyopia, which is our ability to see close up as we progress in age.

Can I wear single vision lenses all the time?

Absolutely, wearing single vision lenses all the time is a viable option for individuals who have a specific vision prescription for either nearsightedness (myopia) or farsightedness (hyperopia). Single vision glasses are designed to correct vision at a particular distance, and they are suitable for various activities, including reading, driving, or other tasks, depending on the prescribed focal point.

Can single vision lenses be fashionable?

Absolutely! Single vision glasses not only provide precise vision correction but can also be a stylish accessory. Thin and light lenses, in particular, contribute significantly to the fashion appeal of eyewear. These lenses are crafted with advanced materials and technology to reduce thickness, making them not only more comfortable to wear but also aesthetically pleasing. The thin and light design allows for sleeker, more fashionable frames that complement various face shapes and styles.

What is the best single vision lens material?

At Glasses2You, we consider polycarbonate lenses to be among the best choices for single vision eyewear, and here's why. Polycarbonate stands out as a top-tier lens material due to its unique combination of durability, safety, and comfort. Polycarbonate lenses are rooted in the material's exceptional impact resistance, making it an ideal option for individuals with an active lifestyle or those seeking reliable eyewear.

Polycarbonate lenses are also notably lightweight. This characteristic enhances the overall comfort of your eyeglasses, making them a fantastic choice for individuals with stronger prescriptions. We prioritise your visual clarity and strive to offer eyewear that not only meets your prescription needs but also aligns with modern lifestyle demands.

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