Full-Rim, Semi-Rim or Rimless Glasses - Which One to Choose?

22nd August 2022

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Are you bored with your current glasses and looking for new ones? Or are you new to having glasses and are overwhelmed and don’t know which ones to choose?

Your glasses have the ability to make or break a first impression. Eyewear can help you show people who you are, making it your most important accessory. While you can elevate your look by choosing glasses for your face shape, they also have to be comfortable and fitting to your lifestyle.

We are here to help and will give you an overview of the different frames you can find. Whether it be full-rim, semi-rim, or rimless glasses, we want you to look your best and make heads turn your way with your stylish new fashion accessory.

Full-rim glasses

Sax in Clear Crystal

Full-rim glasses have a metal or plastic frame surrounding the entire lens. If you want to make a fashion statement, these will be the right choice, not only do chunky frames highlight your eyes and make them stand out but, also give you a vintage look. People will get the impression that you are bold, edgy, and trendy by wearing full-rim glasses.

Since full-frame glasses tend to be a little sturdier, they are made for you if you are sporty with an active lifestyle or maybe just a little clumsy. These glasses are not easily damaged by a few accidental drops and are more durable, due to the firm frame holding the lenses on all sides.

Apart from lasting longer than other glasses, full-rim glasses are also ideal for thick lenses, such as prescription glasses with complex lens powers. Half-rim or rimless lightweight frames cannot handle these lenses.

The only downside you might want to consider is that full-frame glasses are usually a little heavier compared to the other options. Although titanium or thin frames make the weight difference barely noticeable.

To give you an idea of our most popular full-rimmed glasses, these are the unisex Sax in Clear Crystal. The frame is made with high-strength, lightweight acetate material while the clear crystal gives it a modern but tasteful look. 

Semi-rim glasses

Ray Ban 6547 Gold

Similar to full-rim glasses, semi-rim (or half-rim glasses) have a distinct frame either on the top or bottom of the lenses while the other half remains uncovered. Half-rim glasses are very versatile and can convey a sophisticated and professional as well as casual and laid-back look. They are perfect for every occasion depending on how you wish to dress them up or down.

As there is also one half of the frame missing, it makes these glasses more lightweight than full-rim glasses. Subsequently, half-rim glasses are a lot more comfortable and ideal for people wearing them for hours. So if you’re looking for something both comfortable and light-weight, while also looking professional with a little bit of a spicy twist, look no further.

With our “Ray Ban 6547 Gold” semi-rim glasses, you can perfectly balance sophisticated and casual. The gold semi-rim brings out the perfect amount of elegance without looking too harsh and gives a perfect everyday fit.

Rimless glasses

Palmer Rose Titanium

Do you usually shy away from making a statement or putting on any accessories? Are you more of a minimalist when it comes to fashion? If so, rimless glasses are the one for you. With rimless glasses, the lenses rely on a nose bridge and temple arms to create a structure, as they don’t have a frame at all.

While many suggest that these glasses are more often worn by the elderly, recent years have shown rimless eyewear has become more popular among young people as well. These glasses allow your natural features to shine through, thanks to the lack of distraction caused by thick frames to your face.

With this more minimalistic look, rimless glasses are not only easy to style, seeing as they don’t clash with any outfit, but are also the most comfortable to wear. This makes them the perfect accessory for work as they are wearable all day long, making you look elegant and polished.

Unfortunately, these glasses are the most prone to damage since the lenses don’t have any protection. While rimless glasses give you an unobtrusive view of your surroundings without any frames blocking your field, they are certainly the most delicate and need to be taken extra care of.

In case you are looking for the right amount of minimalist with a bit of colour, our “Palmer Rose Titanium” will be a perfect fit. The lightweight construction of these rimless glasses is complemented with acetate tips for extra comfort and is also available in gold.

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