Best Glasses For A Round Face

27th March 2024

Best Glasses For A Round Face

Do you have a round face and softer facial features? If so, finding new glasses can sometimes be overwhelming because the last thing you’d want is to be stuck with unflattering glasses for the next few years.

We've got you covered when it comes to selecting your next glasses frame. This article will help you find the best glasses shape for round faces.

We're here to help you find the perfect frame to complement your round face, whether you’re looking for some 'statement', sophisticated, edgy or bold look.

What Makes a Round Face Shape

A round face shape is defined by its soft, curved lines and balanced proportions, characterised by equal width and length. It features a gently rounded chin, full cheeks, and wide cheekbones, with a smooth jawline without sharp angles. Compared to other face shapes, round faces lack noticeable angular features, contributing to a softer appearance.

If you’re not sure what face shape you have, check out our article on How Do I Find A Pair Of Glasses That Suit Me?”, where we not only go into detail about finding your face shape but also go into detail about your skin tone and eye colour to find the perfect pair of glasses.

When you are looking for the best glasses for a round face shape, the most important thing to consider is to add definition and create the illusion of length to balance the softness of the face shape.

This can be achieved by choosing frames that are angular and add some contrast. Additionally, different geometric frames such as cat-eye help create a more interesting look and enhance facial features.

Square Frames

Square frames - the perfect counterbalance for those with a round face. By adding definition, square frames instantly sharpen facial features and provide a sense of structure.

Now, square frames don’t have to be boring boxes to look through. Simply put, with square glasses the lens heights are taller, which helps lengthen the appearance of your face. They are usually designed to complement rather than overpower, which is why they bring a touch of sophistication to any look.

Are you in need of a colour statement for summer? Then these Liberty square frames in purple are just the right fit for you to add definition to your softer face features. Of course, if you like the design, they also come in black, making it a bit more of a subtle look.

Liberty Frames in Purple

For a simple and sleek look, these Edward Scotts ST6204 glasses come in four different colours: light crystal grey, black, clear crystal, and tortoise.

Edward Scotts ST6204 - Matt Tortoise

To add a bit of an edgy vintage vibe to your outfit, these Corvus specs are the perfect addition, whether you’re going for the tortoise ones or the black or brown & gold ones. 

Corvus frames in tortoise

Rectangular Frames

Another way to bring angular features and definition to your appearance is with a set of rectangular frames. Similarly to square frames, their angular design works wonders for round faces by adding contrast and balance. By extending the face vertically, they create the illusion of length and effectively slim down rounded features.

Rectangular frames offer a timeless appeal that refines your look, whether it's for a chill night out with friends or a day at work.

For both a sleek and statement look, consider the Benetton BEO1001526 glasses - a statement piece that introduces squared edges for a more balanced look. If beige isn’t your colour, these come in clear blue, clear crystal, and smoke grey as well.

Benetton BEO1001 526

For a bolder look, these Ray Ban 52795773 specs are sure to make a statement. With this smokey blue colour and a light brown colour available too, they are the perfect addition for the upcoming spring and summer months.

Ray Ban 52795773 glasses

If you’re looking for more of a sporty and convenient look, the G2 Sport 3 glasses in brown might be for you. They are also available in black and dark blue.

G2 Sport 3 in brown

Cat-Eye Frames

If square or rectangular frames are a bit too boring for you, maybe the classic cat-eye style is more up your alley. With their iconic style characterised by its upswept corners, they effortlessly lift and elongate the face.

By accentuating the cheekbones and drawing attention upward, cat-eye frames can work well for round faces, as long as they aren’t too rounded in the rims and brow.

The Draco glasses in black & gold (or burgundy & gunmetal) feature that subtly cat-eye shape, bringing definition and angularity to your look.

Draco glasses in black & gold

A bit of a bolder statement, the Cetus frames come in grey, black and purple and offer a contemporary chic look with a touch of vintage.

Cetus glasses in grey

Browline Frames

Browline frames are another way to add definition and structure to the face to balance the softness of a round face shape. The bold upper portion of browline frames draws attention to the eyebrows and forehead, creating a horizontal line that adds width and contrast to the face.

To create a more balanced look, consider frames with a slightly wider upper portion. The Birch in crystal grey or the Maple-Titanium in gunmetal (or black) specs will add a touch of sophistication while complementing your facial features.

Oversized Frames

Go big or go home, right? Oversized frames are ideal for round faces as they cover more surface area and create the illusion of a slimmer face. This makes them a go-to choice for those seeking bold yet flattering eyewear.

With soft curves, a round face is the perfect canvas for bold and colourful frames such as the Edward Scotts PS8808 in blue or tortoise.

Edward Scotts PS8808 in Blue

Another way to stand out is with the Edward Scotts PS8803 frames. Available in dark brown as well as black and clear crystal, they are the perfect choice to express your style and creativity.

Edward Scotts PS8803 in brown


Just like oversized frames, aviators are a lesser-known style hack for making your face seem smaller and less round. With their iconic teardrop shape and thin metal frames, these big glasses are a timeless classic and add a touch of edge while elongating facial features for a more flattering look.

The Capricornus aviators come in three different colour combinations: black & silver, burgundy & gold, and purple & gold. Whether you love your silver or gold accessories, your new aviator glasses will fit either and elevate your style.

Capricornus in Gold & Purple

Frames to Avoid

While there is a great deal of range if you have a round face, there are a few frame shapes that are counterproductive. Instead of providing contrast to your round features, they can have the opposite effect so it’s important to know which frame types to stay away from.

Round and Oval Glasses

Instead of balancing your features and adding contrast, round and oval frames can actually exaggerate the already round features of your face. Unfortunately, wearing round-shaped glasses if you have a round face can make your face appear fuller and rounder than it really is.

Small-Framed Glasses

While oversized and big frames provide some contrast and length, small frames can make your face look wider and rounder than it actually is. Now you don’t have to go with oversized frames but small and rimless frames can highlight the fullness of a round face and that may not be the effect you’re looking for.


Understanding your face shape is key to finding the perfect glasses. For those with round faces, angular frames are your go-to as they offer balance, structure, and contrast.

Whether you are going for square, rectangular, cat-eye, browline, oversized, or aviator frames, the variety is great. You can experiment with different styles and take advantage of having glasses to showcase your personality and style.

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