Autumnal Glasses Trends To Look Out For This Season

13th October 2023

Autumn - the time of year when nature puts on the most striking shows of colour, flaunting its rich, earthy tones that inspire our wardrobes for the upcoming months. On the runways, the message this season is ‘effortless elegance’, embracing pared-back, everyday attire crafted from the finest fabrics. Yet it's in the details to elevate a look from mundane to magazine - accessories that range from a pair of socks to eyewear. There is no better way to frame your fall look than with a pair of stylish glasses, bringing together your entire outfit.

Autumn Fashion Trends This Season

This season’s picks are high-quality essentials that blend seamlessly into your wardrobe without shouting for attention. Minimalist styling prevailed, with elevated versions of everyday staples like black leggings, white tees, cosy sweaters, and fall coats, all harmoniously arranged into chic ensembles that effortlessly transition from work to winter.

While classics like trench coats over jeans made their mark, this autumn’s runways were dominated by a captivating burst of colour with rich red taking centre stage. Additionally, art-inspired prints, witchy silhouettes, and dazzling footwear are just as much in style this season as beloved elements from the 2010s such as peplum and off-the-shoulder tops with a contemporary twist of course.

Warm Tones and Earthy Colours

As the leaves outside begin to transform into fiery reds, rustic oranges, and rich browns, it’s the perfect time for our glasses to mirror the enchanting hues of the season. Frames in varying reds, burnt oranges, warm browns, and olive greens, reflect the seasonal landscape around you and add a touch of natural beauty to your everyday look. Our tops picks to look fashionable this autumn season are our England frames in brown and our Farleigh Havannah specs. Additionally, our Dalby and Jarrow frames scream autumn fashion while providing some stylish patterns.

Farleigh Glasses

2023 Autumn Colour: Red

This year’s autumn runways are ablaze with one standout shade: rich, captivating red. Embrace this season’s most prominent hue in eyewear fashion, capturing the essence of falling leaves and the warmth of a cosy hearth. Red glasses are the epitome of autumnal elegance, adding a bold and passionate touch to your look. Whether you choose classic rectangular frames like our Abdingdon - Black & Red and our branded Ted Baker 8238 - Odis or more contemporary styles like our Capricornus - Burg & Gold frames, these glasses are an embodiment of the season's vibrant spirit.


Translucent Frames

Whether clear or lightly tinted, translucent frames show subtle sophistication and are designed to complement your autumn wardrobe with a touch of understated charm. Translucent frames have a unique ability to adapt seamlessly to any outfit, making them a versatile choice for any occasion. Whether you choose our classics such as the Fornax frames in crystal and the Foxtrot specs in crystal grey or something more daring like our Conway in crystal, translucent glasses are a canvas for your personal style and are perfect for everyone who appreciates a minimalist yet elegant look.

Conway glasses

Metallic Accents

Whether it’s the subtle shimmer of gold or the rich gleam of copper, these frames are all about making a stylish statement this autumn. By catching the light beautifully, metallic frames add a touch of glamour to your look and transform your eyewear into a fashion accessory. Our Blaze frames in gunmetal are perfect for everyone who appreciates a blend of modern fashion and timeless elegance while our Aquarius in Tort & Gold and our Grus - Burg & Sil effortlessly add a touch of colour to your autumn look.

Gentle Retro Revival

This autumn, classic styles like cat-eyed frames, aviators, and round frames are reimagined for the modern world. These vintage-inspired glasses are perfect for those who appreciate timeless elegance and an air of nostalgia, adding a touch of sophistication to your autumn ensemble. These frames are versatile and suitable for both casual and formal occasions, making them a stylish choice for every fashion lover. Both our Ray Ban 8418 Black specs and our Calvin Klein 19112 frames offer elegance with a touch of retro while our Guess GU1953-068 glasses provide a bolder and more fashionable statement for those ready to go all in.

Ray Ban glasses

Elevated Classics

Glasses such as our Collins in black or our branded Just Cavalli - JC0875 052 take everyday essentials like black leggings, white tees, and cosy jumpers and elevate them to effortless elegance. They are like your secret weapon this autumn, easily transitioning from work to winter with a touch of sophistication. Make a bold yet understated fashion statement that’s as versatile as it is refined this season with our Conway frames in black.

Conway glasses


A choice that combines fashion and responsibility - our eco-conscious eyewear. These frames are more than just a style statement, they are a testament to your commitment to the environment. With our recycled Waterhaul collection, these glasses contribute to a greener, cleaner planet while aligning perfectly with the beauty of autumn, celebrating nature in all its glory. Both our Kynance and Crantock styles are perfect for those who want to make a positive impact while looking fashionable this season.

Crantock glasses


Autumn is a season that invites us to embrace change, celebrate nature’s transformation, and redefine our fashion choices. Your eyewear, far from being a mere accessory, can be a transformative touch by infusing your style with warmth, elegance, and sustainability. Whether you opt for bold frames that make a statement as vivid as autumn’s colour or subtle designs that add an air of understated sophistication, the world of autumnal glasses styles at Glasses2You offers something for everyone.

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