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What are Varifocal glasses?

Varifocal lenses allow distance, intermediate and near vision correction in one single pair of glasses. They work by changing power from the top distance area of the lens designed for driving and TV through to the middle intermediate area created for face-to-face conversations & computer use, and finally to the lower reading area of the lens designed for reading & close work.

In short, varifocal lenses help you see objects at all distances.

varifocal alpha lens

Varifocal lenses work by providing a multitude of focal points – more than the two focal points that bifocals produce. To do this, varifocals start in the same way bifocals do, with two focal distances – long-range, and short-range. However, this is where the two lens types begin to go their separate ways.

A bifocal lens is a simple combination of these two focal distances, with a clear separation between the two. Varifocals are designed to make use of the transition between these two focal distances, a gradual transition allows for the formation of multiple focal points within the transition area. This allows the wearer to have perfect vision at intermediate distances, as well as long and short ranges.

How Varifocal Lenses Work

Varifocal lenses employ a sophisticated design that incorporates multiple focal points, allowing for a smooth transition between different visual distances. While traditional bifocal lenses only provide two focal distances with a clear separation between them, varifocals take it a step further. They feature a gradual transition area that creates multiple focal points, enabling clear vision at intermediate distances as well as long and short ranges.

What Are The Advantages of Varifocal Lenses?

Varfocal lenses offer a huge number of benefits to the wearer, including outstanding vision quality with maximim practicality.

Natural Vision

Varifocal lenses offer a more natural vision experience by providing a smooth and seamless transition between different prescriptions, allowing the wearer to see clearly at all distances without the abrupt shift of focus that can occur with traditional bifocal lenses.

No Need to Switch Glasses

With varifocal lenses, you can wear a single pair of glasses for all your daily activities, eliminating the need to constantly switch between multiple pairs of glasses for different tasks.

Aesthetically Appealing

Unlike bifocal lenses, which have a visible line separating the different prescriptions, varifocal lenses provide a more aesthetically appealing appearance, making them a popular choice among individuals who want to maintain a more youthful look.

Better Peripheral Vision

Varifocal lenses provide better peripheral vision compared to bifocal lenses, as they do not have a visible line that can obstruct the wearer's field of view.

Customised Prescription

Varifocal lenses can be customized to the wearer's unique vision needs, ensuring optimal clarity and comfort.

Our Varifocal lens options

We offer two different types of varifocal lens...

Standard Freeform Varifocal

Our price £55

Perfect if your optician has recommended varifocals or you fancy trying them. If you've previously had bifocals but didn't like the line across the lens. You want the convenience of distance, intermediate and near powers in one lens. These are excellent freeform varifocal lenses that are ideal for most wearers.

Glasses grading

Alpha Premium Varifocal

Our price £80

This option offers the perfect balance between distance, intermediate and near vision with clear vision in every gaze direction. Alpha Premium offers a 30% improvement in the field of vision compared to our standard varifocal lens.

Glasses grading

Choosing a lens package...

We offer a variety of lens packages to suit your needs (We also offer a free value lens package as standard, that has no thin lens options). See below for a selection that works with your budget & requirements:

lens packages

Adapting to Varifocal Lenses

If you have previously worn varifocals, you may be familiar with a particular design. It's important to note that each design may vary slightly, and there may be an adjustment period when transitioning to new varifocal glasses. We recommend wearing your new lenses for the first time in the morning, as your eyes are fresher and more adaptable to the change.

As with any new pair of glasses, it takes time for your eyes to fully adapt to varifocal lenses. To ensure your complete satisfaction, we offer a 30-day guarantee on all varifocal glasses. This allows you ample time to adjust and evaluate their performance. We recommend wearing your new varifocal glasses continuously for at least seven days to give yourself the best opportunity to adapt and experience the full benefits they offer.

Buy Varifocal Glasses Online with Confidence

At Glasses2You, we make it convenient and affordable to purchase varifocal glasses online. Our clear lenses, combined with the latest lens technology, provide exceptional visual clarity. With our extensive range of frames and lens packages, you can customise your varifocal glasses to suit your style and preferences. Plus, our free home trial service allows you to try on your new lenses in the comfort of your own home before making a final decision.

Experience the seamless transition and enhanced vision that varifocal glasses offer. Explore our collection of high-quality varifocal lenses and find your perfect pair today.

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