TR90 Glasses

TR90 Glasses

TR90 is a thermoplastic material used in glasses frames that is lightweight, durable, flexible, and impact-resistant, providing a comfortable fit perfect for everyday wear and active lifestyles. TR90 frames stand out for their hypoallergenic properties, a wide variety of stylish designs, and ability to offer customisation in style and colour, making them a practical yet fashionable choice.

Compared to other materials like aluminium, acetate, or metals, TR90 frames offer superior lightness, flexibility, and impact resistance, and can accommodate all types of lenses, catering to a diverse range of needs.

What is TR90?

TR90, short for "thermoplastic material" and "90" denoting its composition ratio, is a versatile and high-tech thermoplastic polymer commonly employed in the production of frames. This innovative material makes it an ideal choice for individuals seeking comfort and a long-lasting frameIts flexibility allows the frames to withstand bending or twisting while retaining their original shape, contributing to their resilience against wear and tear.

This biocompatible material can be moulded into various stylish designs, providing wearers with both aesthetic appeal and practical functionality. Furthermore, the affordability of TR90 frames adds to their popularity, offering a cost-effective option for individuals looking for reliable and comfortable glasses or sunglasses.

Benefits of TR90

Here are some of the advantages of TR90 glasses:


One of the key benefits of TR90 glasses is their supremely lightweight nature. This is due to the density of the superior quality TR90 material, which is lighter than regular nylon. This means wearing glasses doesn’t have to feel bulky or like a chore anymore.

TR90 frames are known for their comfortable fit, which is particularly beneficial for those who wear glasses for extended periods. No more pressure on your nose or behind your ears. Compared to other materials, TR90 frames are hard to beat in terms of weight. They conform comfortably to facial contours, ensuring a perfect fit for the wearer.

On average, TR90 glasses weigh no more than 40 grams. This greatly enhances the comfort they offer, making them a perfect choice for those seeking to combine style with comfort.

Flexible and Durable

Anyone who has inadvertently sat on or stepped on their glasses understands the importance of flexibility and durability. TR90 frames bend under pressure and resist damage, providing a barely-there feel and reducing the chances of a break.

The durability of TR90 frames is attributed to their extreme flexibility, resistance to stress, lightweight nature and resistance to chemicals and UV rays. These qualities make TR90 frames more durable than many other types of glasses frames.


Moving beyond mere functionality, let’s discuss style. The variety of colours, designs, and shapes that TR90 frames offer is genuinely remarkable. Whether you prefer frames that suit your face shape, such as round, aviator or square frames, there's a TR90 frame for you.

The rising trend of TR90 frames isn't solely due to their physical properties. Their vibrant colours, appealing temple patterns, and contemporary designs also contribute significantly to their popularity.

TR90 frames have progressively adapted to blend both aesthetic appeal and practicality. Not only are they crafted with thermoplastic material to enhance durability and comfort, but they also offer customisation in style. They are even suitable for polarised sunglasses.


An advantage of TR90 frames is that they are usually hypoallergenic. If you have sensitive skin or allergies, you might have experienced skin reactions from acetate and metal frames. These frames present a suitable alternative for such individuals.

Manufactured to be generally skin-friendly and hypoallergenic, these frames cater to a wide range of consumers who value comfort, durability, and style in their eyewear choices.

Impact Resistant

A distinguishing characteristic of TR90 frames is their exceptional impact resistance. Thanks to their high heat resistance and flexibility, they can endure high temperatures and remain resilient to ground impacts. This means they’re built to last.

Compared to regular plastic lenses, these frames offer up to 10 times greater impact resistance. If you’re someone with an active lifestyle, the impact resistance of TR90 frames is a significant advantage. You can engage in more vigorous activities without worrying about damaging your glasses.

Comparing TR90 Frames with Other Frames

Aluminium and acetate are other materials used in frames. When it comes to weight, TR90 frames are similar to titanium frames and lighter than traditional plastic or metal frames.

In terms of flexibility, TR90 frames are recognised for their ability to bend under pressure and accommodate a variety of head shapes. In comparison, titanium frames often incorporate flexible temples or adjustable nose pads to provide a personalised fit. While certain metal frames may be lighter and more flexible, they may not offer the same level of impact resistance as TR90 frames.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are TR90 frames suitable for all face shapes?

A: Yes, TR90 frames are designed to be versatile and complement various face shapes. The material's flexibility allows for a comfortable fit, ensuring that individuals with different face shapes can find a suitable and stylish option.

Q: How durable are TR90 glasses frames?

A: TR90 frames are highly durable and resistant to impact, making them an excellent choice for everyday use. The material is known for its flexibility, which helps prevent breakage, making TR90 frames a long-lasting option.

Q: Are TR90 frames suitable for active lifestyles?

A: Absolutely. TR90 frames are ideal for active individuals as they are lightweight, comfortable, and resistant to stress. Whether you're engaging in sports or simply leading an active lifestyle, TR90 frames provide the durability and flexibility needed to keep up with your activities.

Q: How do I care for my TR90 glasses?

A: Cleaning TR90 frames is simple; use a mild soap and water solution with an anti-fog cloth. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials that may damage the frame. Additionally, store your TR90 glasses in a protective case when not in use to prevent scratches. 

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