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What are prescription reading glasses?

As we age, our eyesight begins to naturally deteriorate making glasses a necessity. It is important to regularly check your eyesight at an approved opticians to ensure your glasses are providing you with the right level of vison correction – this is known as your prescription. Activities such as reading or using computers and phones can put extra strain on our eyes, especially if you have presbyopia – a condition that makes focussing on close objects difficult. In this case, a specific ‘reading prescription’ can help to relieve strain and improve vision.

Prescription reading glasses are glasses that are fitted with your specific “reading prescription” to improve the quality of your vision whilst completely tasks such as reading and using screens. With improved vision you will also experience less eye strain to maximise comfort.

Prescription reading glasses are an excellent choice for those who struggle to focus on objects or text that are close by, or when reading or using screens. They can also help to reduce headaches and eye strain associated with reading or using screens for longer periods of time.

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Why Is It Important to Choose Prescription Reading Glasses?

Reading glasses are valuable for everyday tasks and provide comfort when concentrating for long periods of time. Prescription reading glasses offer a range of benefits when compared to ready reader glasses, including better vision quality and maximum comfort.

Ready reader glasses offer very little customisation, often resulting in the sacrifice of vision in one, or even both, of our eyes. Prescription reading glasses are created to be completely bespoke to your vision needs at reading distances. Browse our long list of prescription reading glasses online at Glasses2You.

Prescription reading glasses are different from regular glasses used for distance vision or multifocal glasses, which correct both distance and near vision. Reading glasses have a prescription power that specifically addresses the near vision needs, making it easier for individuals with presbyopia to read books, screens, and other close-up materials.

What is Presbyopia?

Presbyopia is an age-related vision condition that affects the eye's ability to focus on close objects. The word "presbyopia" originates from the Greek words "presbys" (meaning "old") and "opsis" (meaning "sight" or "vision"). It is a common condition that typically becomes noticeable in people around the age of 40 and progresses with age.

The eye's ability to focus on objects relies on the flexibility of the natural lens located behind the iris (the coloured part of the eye). This lens changes shape to adjust the focus from distant objects to near objects, allowing us to see clearly at different distances.

With presbyopia, the natural lens gradually loses its flexibility, making it more challenging to focus on close-up objects. As a result, people with presbyopia may experience difficulty reading small print, using a smartphone, or performing other tasks that require near vision. Prescription reading glasses make the necessary corrections to your sight by using lenses made to your unique prescription, enabling your eyes to focus correctly.

Lens packages for your prescription reading glasses

Lens packages can help increase the lifespan of your glasses and also improve their usability by reducing glare and providing UV protection. We offer a selection of lens packages that you can choose from when purchasing your reading glasses online during the checkout process.

Choosing a lens package...

We offer a variety of lens packages to suit your needs (We also offer a free value lens package as standard, that has no thin lens options). See below for a selection that works with your budget & requirements:

lens packages

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