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11th May 2017

Modern Careers and Your Eyes

Many modern careers rely heavily on electronic devices. In bygone eras, our careers normally involved some type of manual labour. A stark difference to today's situation where many types of jobs are often office or home based and involve the use of electronic devices. Our bodies were not created for modern day devices and particularly our eyes.

Modern working situations can cause a list of sight-related problems. Issues can range from dry eyes or strain caused by long periods of computer use, through to headaches and acute tiredness brought on by the modern phenomenon of blue light, so typical of modern life emitted by modern screens and mobile devices.

To appreciate and enjoy a safe and healthy working arena demands cooperation from employers. In fact, all employers have a remit to ensure safe and healthy working conditions where possible. There are though some personal steps you can take to improve your own well being and eye health.

Adopt the Correct Posture

To reduce risks of strains or headaches, make sure that you have a comfortable office style chair which can be fully adjusted to the correct height for you as an individual and that offers good lumbar support.

Tweak the positioning of your desk, chair, computer keyboard and screen until you find the perfect optimum position.

Use Your Equipment Correctly

Computer and device screens should be kept clean and free from dust and smears thus eliminating any need to squint through any layers of accumulated grime that could cause the eyes to strain unnecessarily.

Bigger screens are obviously easier to view than smaller ones and display settings can be tweaked for optimum self-preference; turn down the brightness and increase font size where needed.

Take Regular Breaks From Your Screen

Many individuals notice their eyesight deteriorating throughout the course of the day as their eyes begin to tire. Don't entertain spending hour after hour staring rigidly at your screen.

Instead, force yourself into the habit of taking regular timeouts. Focus your eyes on objects in the distance for a short while and give your eye muscles the chance to relax and rest.

Try to blink more frequently than you find natural, or adopt the habit of applying eye drops twice a day to keep the corneal surface nice and moist.

Prescription Strength

Naturally, your eyes will function very differently when using a laptop, desktop computer or mobile devices compared with general everyday activities such as driving or taking part in sporting activities. Properly prescribed intermediate reading lenses may be necessary for activities such as typing at your computer station etc.

These become increasingly necessary as our ability to focus close up diminishes as we grow older.


Take Regular Breaks

Try focusing your eyes on objects in the distance for a short while so the eye muscles can take some time out and relax.

Try to blink more frequently than you find natural, or adopt the habit of applying eye drops twice a day to keep the corneal surface nice and moist.

Modern Lens Coatings

Lots of modern lenses now incorporate specialised coatings as an integral part of the lens makeup. These coatings make modern lenses both more effective and longer lasting.

Anti-Reflective Coatings

Anti-reflective coatings are particularly popular and very beneficial in modern offices because of their ability to dampen glare and annoying intrusion from various light sources found in most modern day offices such as bright overhead lighting or sunlight blazing through the office blinds.

pair of work glasses could be just as well suited to reading the paper and browsing the internet at the weekend as they are to making your work tasks clear and comfortable through the week.

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