Why Is It So Important To Wear Prescription Sunglasses?

by Beth Griffiths on 16th May 2017

As well as cutting down on glare, making the outdoors more comfortable on bright, sunny days, sunglasses play an important part in protecting your eyes from harm.

The sun emits several types of ultraviolet rays, which are invisible to the human eye. UVA radiation is thought to cause cataracts, and to cause or accelerate macular degeneration, in which central vision becomes blurred.

Exposure to UVB can cause small growths called pingueculae or pterygia to form on the cornea and is also the cause of the temporary but painful sight loss known as snow blindness.

To reduce the risks, make sure that your 
sunglasses offer maximum protection against both UVA and UVB. It is especially important to protect children from the sun, as their eyes are more vulnerable. Both regular and prescription sunglasses are available for children.

Choose plastic frames, and encourage kids to wear them by picking colours and designs they’ll love. If you already wear prescription glasses, the choice of prescription sunglasses can feel limited.

Some people prefer to use clip-on sunglasses that fit over their specs, while others choose photoreactive lenses. A separate pair of prescription sunglasses allows you to choose whatever style you like, from full-rim to rimless glasses.

The style of sunglasses you choose will depend on your outdoor activities, whether that’s skiing, surfing, or just sitting in the garden with a good book.

For sports, go for a wraparound design, as these will fit more securely. They also offer greater protection to your eyes and the surrounding skin.

Rimless glasses tend to be small and light, but do not cover such a large area, so keep them for sunny days in town.

Although car windows offer UV protection, it’s still a good idea to wear sunglasses for better vision while driving in the sun.

Written by: Russell Andrew, Director

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