What Your Glasses Colour Says About You

31st October 2023

In a world where fashion is a form of self-expression, your choice of glasses can be a silent yet powerful statement about your personality and style. Whether you wear them out of necessity or simply as a fashion accessory, the colour can make or break your look and how you’re perceived by others. Without you even realising it, the colour of your glasses puts your personality on display, showing the world exactly who you are. This article will explore the fascinating world of glasses colours and what they reveal about your personality. So, next time you’re looking for a new pair of glasses, you can think about the message you want to send with your choice of colour.

Girl wearing red glasses

Why Does the Colour of Your Glasses Matter?

Your choice of glasses can speak volumes about your personality, style, and even your mood. Similarly to your wardrobe and accessories, the colour of your glasses is a visual representation of who you are, showing the world what you’re made of. Whether you choose to go for classic black framesvibrant purple, or fiery red, your chosen colour of eyewear can influence how you will be perceived by others and how you feel about yourself.

Spruce in black


Do you want to give off major main character vibes? Then black frames are definitely the right style for you. Black is a powerful colour and brings mystery and a sense of authority to its wearer. By choosing black glasses, you show the world that you are bold and strong and are not afraid to take on a challenge. Others will appreciate your reliability and trustworthiness, respecting you along the way. Black eyewear is simple yet sophisticated.

Sophia in silver


Silver frames often convey a sense of modernity and a forward-thinking attitude, while exuding elegance and refinement. You may be an early adopter of not only new trends but also new technologies by wearing silver eyewear, preferring contemporary design and a timeless and classic look. Silver is also a versatile colour and those who wear it appreciate the flexibility and neutrality, showing off they are open-minded and adaptable.

Heather in gold


Associated with success, wealth, and elegance, wearing gold glasses means you have a refined taste and a preference for high-quality, opulent accessories. Gold represents glamour and sophistication, a touch of Hollywood-like allure if you will. By showing off your gold glasses and confidence along the way, you may be perceived as ambitious, goal-oriented and unapologetic about your unique style. Gold frames are also associated with being outgoing, sociable, and charismatic, perfect for every extrovert.

Amanda in purple


Historically the colour of royalty, purple was long associated with luxury, power, and privilege. Today, purple represents not only the magical and mystical but also freedom and wisdom. Being creative in some way or another, purple glasses only add to your unique and inspiring way of viewing life. While purple glasses might not always match your outfit, they will always make you stand out.

Ingoe in blue strip


Blue represents calm, harmony, and peace. It is the colour of loyalty. By wearing blue frames, you show off your internal serenity and trustworthiness, giving no doubt in your strength and reliability. Highlight your gentle and compassionate nature by wearing your blue glasses while also showing that you are ready to get the job done.

Hadstock in green


One of the most widely interpreted, green is a colour that people either hate or love. With its resemblance to our outdoor environment, the colour is mostly associated with growth, health, and generosity. Sporting green specs may show the world that you are easy-going, level-handed, and intelligent. Others may feel comfortable around you, seek you out for advice and enjoy your friendship with great conversations. By wearing green glasses, you show the world that you can handle the pressure of life with grace and ease.

Dolores in red


Whether your glasses are a fiery bright red or just a slight hue of the colour, both ways you will show off that you’re bold, adventurous, and unafraid to meet a challenge. Red has long been associated with passion, excitement and action. Wearing red means you’re making a statement and that you’re bold enough to be yourself.

Ocushield Parker in clear


Often associated with a timeless and classic look, wearing clear glasses means you value simplicity, elegance, and sophistication. They can also reflect a minimalist and clean aesthetic associated with confidence and self-assuredness. Those who wear clear frames are comfortable in their own skin and don’t feel the need to hide behind bold or colourful frames.

Pluto in pink


Often viewed as a ‘girly’ colour, pink can also be associated with gentle playfulness, fun, and pride. More than anything, wearing pink frames shows that you know exactly who you are and what you want. Choosing to embrace emotion, love, and care, and styling your everyday look with pink glasses can be one of the boldest and most powerful moves one can make.


As we've explored the spectrum of eyewear colours and their potential implications, it becomes clear that these seemingly ordinary accessories possess extraordinary power. Your choice of glasses colour can communicate your personality, emotions, and even aspirations, all without uttering a single word. However, while your eyewear colour can offer hints about your character, it should never limit your self-expression.

In the end, the beauty of fashion is its adaptability and evolution, giving you a canvas for your ever-changing self. So, as you choose your next pair of glasses, consider the image you wish to project and the mood you aim to convey. As it is, your eyewear is more than a visual aid, they are a statement, a signature, and an expression of you.  

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