What Are Sports Glasses & How Can They Help?

28th February 2023

Glasses for cycling

Are you someone who loves any sort of sports and outdoor activities? With whatever sport or activity you love to do, either as a hobby or professionally, it is important to protect your eyes.

This is where sports glasses come in, as they are eyewear designed specifically for use during physical activities and sports. They are designed to protect the eyes and enhance visual performance during activities like running, cycling, skiing, and basketball. Sports glasses can be either prescription or non-prescription and can come in various styles. In this blog, we will explain what sports glasses are and the benefits they come with.

Types Of Sports Glasses

There are two main types of sports glasses: sports sunglasses and sports glasses (eyeglasses). While both are designed to meet the unique needs of athletes and sports enthusiasts alike, they come with different features.

Sports sunglasses are typically worn in outdoor sports and are designed to provide protection from the sun's harmful UV rays and reduce glare in bright conditions. They are typically made with polarised lenses that filter out reflected light and improve contrast, which can be especially helpful in seeing clearly in challenging environments like water or snow. Sports sunglasses can also have impact-resistant lenses and frames to protect the eyes from flying debris or accidental collisions, as well as keep them in place during physical activity. An example of some great prescription sports sunglasses is the CubikRXW in bronze & blue. 

RX sport Jumper sports glasses in blue

Sports eyeglasses, on the other hand, are designed for anyone who requires prescription lenses to see clearly. They have a prescription lens that is customised to one’s vision needs, combined with the features of sports glasses, such as a wraparound frame and shatter-resistant lenses. Some sports eyeglasses also have interchangeable lenses that can be swapped out depending on the lighting conditions. We love the RX sport Jumper sports glasses in blue, they are an extremely versatile, light frame, and also feature a retainer strap to keep your glasses where you need them no matter what you're doing!


Protection is one of the most important benefits of sports glasses, particularly for anyone who participates in high-impact sports like basketball, hockey, or football. Sports glasses are designed to protect the eyes from potential hazards like flying objects, collisions, and UV rays. Sports glasses often have impact-resistant lenses and frames made from durable materials that can withstand the force of a ball or puck. In addition, many sports glasses provide UV protection, which is important for anyone who loves outdoor activities. By providing this protection, sports glasses can help prevent serious eye injuries and allow you to focus on your performance without worrying about your safety.

Vision Enhancement

Sports glasses can also enhance your vision during movement and changing conditions. Polarised sports sunglasses, for example, can reduce glare and improve contrast, allowing you to see more clearly in bright sunlight or on reflective surfaces like snow or water. Additionally, sports eyeglasses can also be customised with lenses that enhance specific colours, making it easier to see a ball or other objects in their natural environment. Some sports glasses even have photochromic lenses that automatically adjust to changing lighting conditions, ensuring optimal visual performance no matter where you are.


Another benefit of sports glasses is the comfort level they bring to your favourite activity. Lightweight and flexible frame material, along with a fitting design of the frame, ensure that your glasses stay in place and that no excess weight or pressure is added to the face. Wraparound frames that hug the head provide a secure fit, which can prevent the glasses from slipping or bouncing during movement. Additionally, they may come with features such as adjustable nose pads, flexible temples, and rubberised grips to help keep them in place and prevent slippage as well as offer a customised fit. Without being distracted by your glasses, focusing on and enjoying your sporty adventure is a lot easier.

CubikRXW in bronze & blue

Prescription Options

If you are in need of prescription glasses, there are many sports glasses options that can be customised to your specific vision needs. Prescription sports glasses can be made to correct a number of conditions and come with either tinted or clear lenses, depending on your preference and the sport you participate in. In addition, they can be designed with wraparound frames or inserts that fit inside the frame, allowing for a secure fit and optimal vision correction. Sports glasses with prescription options offer you the best of both worlds by providing protection and comfort while catering to your specific vision needs.


Overall, sports glasses can offer a range of benefits for athletes and sports enthusiasts alike, including protection, vision enhancement, and prescription options. With flexible and crack-resistant frames and multi-layered lens coating, you can optimise your performance and protect your eyes while enjoying your favourite activities. Glasses2You provides a wide range of sports sunglasses and sports glasses. To find out more about the other glasses we offer and their various features, check out our full collection.

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