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Two Pairs are Better than One

by Beth Griffiths on 16th May 2017

When buying prescription glasses it’s always a good idea to have at least one extra pair to keep as a spare. You never know when you are going to need them, you might:

  • Misplace your glasses
  • Lose them
  • Break them
  • Need a pair of prescription sunglasses
  • Fancy a different style
  • Have a daytime and an evening pair
  • Use one pair for sports and the other for work

The problem is that some retailers charge a fortune for designer glasses and this can stop you from buying an extra pair to use as a backup or for a specific reason.

That’s why we often hold promotions and have special offers here at Glasses2You. Currently, you can find our affordable glasses with up to an additional 40% off. Not only do you save money by shopping online with us, you also receive the great discount making our cheap yet quality and stylish prescription glasses even more affordable – perfect if you want to buy one or two extra styles to suit your mood.

We also have other offers you may be interested in including 20% off lens options including sunglass tints and coatings. What’s more, if you do decide to buy 2 pairs you can receive an extra 10% off at the checkout. Come and take a look at the stylish frames we have available and don’t forget to use the virtual mirror before you buy.  

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Gone are the days when you could only afford to buy one pair of specs for all occasions. The emergence of glasses2you means that you can now have spare pairs of prescription specs in your car, at work or even upstairs if you so wish. It also means that you can now afford to have different styles to suit your mood or to suit every occasion in your hectic life. We really can save you a fortune on your spectacles.

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Dear sir/madam,
I am delighted with my new specs (and the previous pair). If you need an endorsement from a Dr or Professor (I am both) I am happy to oblige!
I'm delighted with my glasses and will happily recommend you to friends and colleagues (in fact I already have!!).
Best wishes, JB€