Top 5 Tips for Caring for Your Eyes When Working at A Screen All Day

22nd March 2021

Screen usage and eye pain

Thanks to technology, it can sometimes seem like none of us can get away from our screens for more than a few hours each day. Whether it’s social media, work emails, or text messages, there is no shortage of reasons why millions of individuals remain glued to their devices, even if they might pose a danger to our precious eyesight. To make matters worse, the COVID-19 pandemic required most to rely entirely on digital media throughout the past year.

Fortunately, there are a few methods that can protect your eyesight from damage while still enjoying everything modern technology has to offer. Without further delay, here are our top 5 tips to care for your eyes when working at a screen all day.

1. Take Regular Breaks from The Screen

Though it can be easy to get lost in your work and spend hours at a computer without pause, your eyesight will thank you if you allow it an appropriate amount of rest throughout your workday. As a general rule, try taking a break every 90 minutes to prevent eye strain, headaches, as well as allow your brain to refresh and de-stress. You might even find yourself becoming more productive after giving your brain a rest!

2. Wear Blue Light Glasses

Our screens are great at blasting our eyes with blue light that can cause eye strain and other vision issues. As such, ensure you’re using a quality pair of blue light glasses throughout the day, especially when sitting in front of a computer for an extended period. Not only can this keep your eyes from getting fatigued faster, but it also enables you to focus more efficiently on your tasks. A lot of the frames we sell here at Glasses2You come with free blue light so you’ll always be protected.

Blue light filter glasses

3. Use the Right Font Size

Regardless of your occupation, reading is an essential skill that virtually all professionals encounter on a daily basis. While a few paragraphs of text might seem harmless enough, they can cause issues if the font hasn’t been optimized for your eyesight.

The trick here is to strike a healthy balance. Make your text too large or too small, and you risk overworking your eyes; 16pt font seems to be a good choice amongst most computers.

4. Reduce Glare

Did you know the sun can still harm your vision even in the comfort of your office? Since most screens are made out of glass, it’s easy for sunrays to slip through windows, bounce off your computer and target your eyes. After too much exposure, you will begin to experience discomfort and eye strain, severely limiting your ability to focus. Prevent this issue by positioning yourself in an area with less sun, lowering your blinds and using a monitor hood or an anti-glare film.

Glare on glasses

5. Don’t Forget to Schedule Eye Exams

There is no better resource to learn more about your vision than your local eye care professional. Ensure you’re regularly making appointments — at least once a year — to develop a personalized plan for preventing computer eye strain, examine your current vision for any issues and resolve concerns.

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