How to Look After Your Glasses

by Beth Griffiths on 16th May 2017

Even when you buy affordable frames it’s important to look after your prescription glasses. When you don’t take care of your lenses they can become scratched, coatings can peel, and they can become hazy.

To Prevent Damage Occurring to your Glasses, Follow the Simple Tips Below:

  • Clean your glasses using a clean, soft, non-fibrous cloth. Massage the lenses well in a circular motion after breathing slowly over the lens.
  • You can purchase a cleaning spray designed specifically for glasses but ensure it is suitable and contains no alcohol.
  • If your glasses get very dirty you can rinse them in order to remove the grit and dirt. Be extra careful as the tiny specs could lead to scratches on the lens. Never use hot water or washing up liquid when you rinse your frames as they can cause damage.
  • Use cotton buds to clean around the nose pad to gently remove any buildups of dirt.

What Not to Do When Cleaning Your Glasses

The last thing you want is to break your glasses when you’re trying to clean them. Remember to:

  • Never touch the lenses with your fingers, always use a non-fibrous cloth.
  • Never use a polish on the lens as this can scratch the surface.
  • Washing up liquids will break down the coating on your lenses and damage the frames, so never use it to clean your glasses.
  • Only use special lens cleaners as they are designed not to damage the lenses. 
  • Ammonia-based products or products containing alcohol should never be used.
  • Check the screws on your frame and tighten them before you start cleaning.
  • Tissues and paper towels aren’t suitable to clean lenses with as they leave fibres behind which can result in scratches.

Written by: Russell Andrew

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