The Benefits of Using Anti-glare Lenses for Your Glasses

1st November 2021

Whether you’re using them to soak in Mother Nature’s profound beauty at a sprawling national park or simply to write an email to a co-worker, your prescription glasses work overtime day-in and day-out to keep your vision strong. Still, as the world around us changes, so too must the way we approach conventional lenses.

In recent years, new phenomenon — like remote work — have required many of us to spend lots of time in front of our devices. As such, that means a notable uptick in screen time, along with the dangers that can come with it. Unfortunately, even the best glasses out there can’t keep your eyes safe from risks like screen-emitted blue light.

But there’s a catch: If they have anti-glare lenses, you might be able to curve these risks. So, in this article, we’ll go over some of the main reasons why you should look for anti-glare lenses when shopping for glasses online.

A Short Definition

First, let’s review what anti-glare lenses mean for you and your vision.

Also known as anti-reflective lenses, prescription glasses with this feature are crafted using a special coating on either side of the lens. Usually, this will leave them with a very slight tint — purple, green, or blue — which is otherwise unnoticeable and won’t bother your eyes.

Now, what exactly do these lenses do, and, more importantly, why are they some of the best glasses around?

1. They Reduce Risk for Eye Strain

Even if you rarely use your technological devices, you’ve likely experienced eye strain once in your life. Irritating and uncomfortable, this sensation can prevent you from completing essential tasks, like sending text messages, emails, or even relaxing with your favorite TV show.

Well, anti-glare lenses could be a quick solution to this issue. Because they actively prevent bright lights (like from a phone or computer) from reflecting off your glasses, you won’t ever find yourself squinting or having trouble focusing on those screens. It’s that simple!

2. They Enhance the Clarity of Your Vision

If you’re someone who always finds themselves shopping around for glasses online, you have first-hand experience with the struggle of maintaining clear vision. Though this could be the fault of a constantly changing eye condition, being uncomfortable while wearing glasses may actually be the fault of your lenses.

Why is that? Well, with conventional lenses, there is no coating keeping light from streaming through them. That means that, when doing tasks like driving or looking at a computer, those powerful beams can form reflections in your glasses. After enough time, this may result in uncomfortable vision.

Don’t worry; with anti-glare lenses, you can stop this issue at the source. Since brighter light sources will be automatically dimmed, you will have an easier time focusing on objects and enjoying visual clarity without distraction.

3. They Will Make Your Lenses Last Longer

Do you regularly have to purchase a new set of prescription glasses because your old pair became scratched? Aside from being a detriment to your wallet, this can also keep you from doing tasks like driving, working, or anything else that requires clear vision.

Fortunately, many of the best glasses on the market now feature anti-glare lenses so that you can enjoy your new pair longer than ever before. Because of their built-in scratch resistance, you can worry less about accidentally ruining your lenses. Furthermore, they’re effortless to clean, so you can spend less time wiping away dust, dirt, and smudges.

4. They Protect Your Eyes from UV Rays

Just like how blue light can cause a host of adverse effects, UV rays are another invisible threat to your vision. Spend enough time outside, and UV exposure can build-up, increasing your potential for developing macular degeneration or cataracts.

There’s no reason to fear, though: Almost every pair of glasses online can be purchased with anti-glare and anti-UV lenses. The coating on these will reduce the intensity of the sun’s rays, ensuring your eyes remain healthy for years to come.

5. They Look Good!

With conventional lenses, a large portion of your face could be completely covered by glare when standing somewhere with bright lights. So, unless you remove your glasses for each one, your eyes will barely be visible in any photo you take.

Once again, anti-glare lenses come in to save the day. Reducing the intensity of bright lights, they’ll keep your beautiful eyes visible at all times.

Looking for the Best Glasses with Anti-Glare Lenses?

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