Pupillary Distance – Should This Be On Your Prescription?

16th May 2017

Online sellers of prescription glasses get a lot of criticism from the high street opticians, mostly because they believe that the glasses cannot be as good or as accurate as ones they provide.

This is simply not the case but the one issue where they shoot themselves in the foot is the subject of pupillary distance measurement.

They steadfastly refuse to provide this as part of the prescription stating that this is only required when fitting the glasses and does not form part of the eye test result. Is this a valid argument or are they trying to stop people going online for their purchases?

With this information, online retailers could no longer be accused of making lenses that were not accurate so why will they not provide it?

Most customers are getting wise to this and are measuring and providing their own – it is not difficult as the image above shows.

Surely it is time for the NHS eye tests to show this information and for the high street to work hand in hand with online retailers who offer the customer a better service, a better choice, and far better value.

Using the same frames, same lenses, and same laboratories, this would alleviate most people's fear and allay any criticism.

Many people wear their old glasses for many years because they simply cannot afford to buy new ones and, as a result, their eyes suffer and, in some cases, this is a real danger as people drive with old outdated prescriptions.

We offer them a very good, cheaper alternative that allows them to change their glasses and update their prescription. With many people wearing old prescription glasses for driving we believe that more people should be given the choices and the prices that we offer.

We are not a threat to the good quality opticians out there, only supplying 1-3% off glasses wearers.

The true enemy of the high street opticians are the big supermarkets which are grabbing big slices of the market and not always offering the same level of eye test or service.

Do you have any feelings about this? We welcome your suggestions – good or bad!

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