Polarised Lenses: Goodbye Glare, Hello Pure Precise Details

28th September 2017

Polarised lenses have quickly become the buzzword among fashion conscious men and women who demand the best of both aesthetics and function from their eyewear.

What was once the forte of boaters and fishermen has of late become the faithful companion of many outdoor sports and recreation enthusiasts, whether they are golfers, skiers, bikers, or joggers. But that’s not all. An increasing number of people have switched to polarised lenses for common, everyday tasks such as gardening or driving as well. Not without good reason.

From reducing reflected glare from water or other surfaces to improving the sharpness and vibrancy of colours – polarised lenses pack an array of benefits that enhance how you view, perceive (and appreciate!) things around you. So without further ado, let’s see what polarised lenses are and why they are so popular.

Everything You Need to Know About Polarised Lenses

Exactly What is a Polarised Lens?

Not your average tinted lens, a polarised lens is a speciality lens coated with a unique chemical film that cuts glare and haze, allowing you to see better. Tinted glasses are only able to reduce the intensity of light reaching your eyes. They are not effective in cutting glare; only polarised lenses are.

In addition, polarised lenses actually help you see better when compared to tinted lenses. The latter filter all light indiscriminately, whereas polarised lenses cut out glare-causing horizontal rays (which scatter easily and profusely), allowing vertical rays to pass through.

This is because vertically-aligned light suits the natural tendency of the human visual system to focus on the vertical component of images. This allows you to see better.

What Are The Advantages Of Polarised Lenses?

Apart from glare elimination and better visualisation (as discussed above), polarised lenses offer a host of other benefits to you. For one, they block the harmful ultraviolet rays (both A and B) from reaching your eyes, thereby protecting eye health and vision.

For another, they reduce eye strain (because there is no glare, you don’t have to squint), thereby aiding visual comfort. And by allowing only vertical rays to pass through, a polarised lens allows you the luxury of true colour perception.

Colours look more sharp, vibrant, and ‘true’ than they would if you viewed them through a non-polarised lens. You’ll be able to notice details you have been missing up until now because of vision distortion from non-polarised lenses.

Exactly How Fashionable Are These High-Performance Lenses?

Exactly how much ever you want them to be. Polarised lenses do not compromise on aesthetics for function.

From sports and high-fashion styles to the classic wayfarer styles – you will find polarised lenses that meet your personal sense of style if you check them out at reputed online or brick-and-mortar lens shops.

And Finally, How Can I Tell Whether or Not My Lenses Are Polarised?

For starters, if your lenses are clear, they are not polarised. Polarising lenses can never be clear or they will not be able to block horizontal rays and cut glare effectively.

Next, put them to a visual test. Hold your lenses such that you are viewing the reflection of an object on a reflective surface (say the reflection of a glass on a polished table). Next, rotate the lenses to the 60-degree angle and view the reflection again.

Notice if the glare increases or decreases. If your lenses are polarised, the glare will diminish at a 60-degree angle.

You already know what to do upon finding out that your lenses are not polarized, don’t you?

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