Our Top Picks: Men’s Sunglasses For Summer 2024

13th May 2024

Who says that only women can have all the fashion and beauty fun? Recently, more men than ever have shown interest in styling and grooming tips and with summer fast approaching, it’s time for a guide on the best styles for this year’s hotter season.

While fashion and dressing up can be fun, you shouldn’t forget about the right accessories to put together any outfit. And what’s a more important accessory than sunglasses as we’re approaching the warm summer months? Whether you need prescription sunglasses or just want to spice up your fashion game, we’ve put together a guide of our top picks for summer 2024.

Men's sunglasses

Aviator Season

Born in the cockpit of fighter planes decades ago, aviators have become a timeless statement of men’s fashion ever since. With their classic style, these iconic sunglasses are always a go-to, blending sleek metallic frames with vibrant, protective lenses. Whether you’re lounging at the pool all day or strolling through city streets, aviators are the perfect choice, combining functionality with style.

Pioneer Sunglasses - Teresina

Our Pioneer Sunglasses - Teresina aviators are a perfect addition to any outfit with their classic timeless look.

Sunglasses - MA4743 2

Is black too boring for you? Our MA47432 frames will cause some heads to turn with their golden reflective style, making sure you’re standing out this summer.

Pioneer Prescription Sunglasses - Tommaso - Black

If you need your sunglasses to be prescription sunglasses, our Pioneer Tommaso sunglasses in black are an ideal accessory, putting together any outfit and protecting your vision.

Round is Back in Style

Channelling some vintage cool, round frames are making a comeback this summer. Inspired by the free-spirited vibes of the ‘60s and ‘70s, these sunglasses radiate effortless charm. Whether you’re looking for something thin and tiny or bold and chunky, there is a style for everyone. Round frames are very versatile, offering you an option to add some retro flair to your summer fits.

Pioneer Prescription Sunglasses - Olmeto - Gunmetal

A classic fit to start with, our Pioneer Prescription Sunglasses - Olmeto in Gunmetal adds some retro flair to any outfit, making them a timeless choice for this summer.

Cosham - Prescription Sunglasses - Lilac

If you’re looking for a pop of colour, our Cosham prescription sunglasses in lilac offer the perfect little twist to spice up any outfit this summer.

Waterhaul Harlyn A

Not a big fan of fast fashion? Our Waterhaul Harlyn A sunglasses are made from 100% recycled material, meaning you’ll do the environment some good while looking stylish with these round specs.

Oversized for the Bold

A look that’s stealing the spotlight this summer is oversized frames. Embracing this bold style, these wide lenses and chunky details will certainly turn some heads. Whether you’re looking for something simple and classic or the ultimate statement, oversized sunglasses are perfect for those who dare to stand out from the crowd.

Edward Scotts PS8803 - Prescription Sunglasses - Black

Starting with a chic black look again, our Edward Scotts PS8803 Prescription sunglasses are the perfect choice for anyone daring enough for an oversized look but wants their frames to go with every outfit.

Edward Scotts PS8809 - Prescription Sunglasses - Olive Green

For someone a bit more daring, our Edward Scotts PS8809 Prescription frames in olive green will give you the opportunity to pull together any outfit with these as an accessory.

Edward Scotts PS8808 - Prescription Sunglasses - Tortoise

Our Edward Scotts PS8808 Prescription specs are for the fun and whimsical among you who dare to stand out and make a statement with their look.

Stunning Squares

For the discerning gentleman who values refinement above all else, square frames exude elegance. Characterised by clean lines and geometric precision, these sunglasses offer a sense of understated sophistication. Whether you prefer a minimalist approach or crave a touch of luxury, square frames provide a timeless appeal that effortlessly complements any summer fit.

Tipton - Prescription Sunglasses - Gold

Combining both the sharp lines and aviator look, our Tipton Prescription sunglasses in gold give you the best of both worlds to rock your favourite looks this summer.

Waterhaul Fitzroy S Grey

For a sophisticated and classic look, our Waterhaul Fitzroy S in grey provide the perfect fit, making them the ideal choice for some minimalist elegance.

Pioneer Prescription Sunglasses - Combarro - Grey/Orange

On the other hand, our Pioneer Prescription Combarro sunglasses in grey/orange provide a fun and stylish look while also rocking the squares for a more put-together look.

Fun(ctional) Sports Styles

For those adventurous souls who love the outdoors, functional sports styles offer the perfect blend of performance and flair. From wrap-around frames to lightweight materials that ensure comfort during high-intensity activities, this summer is seeing a comeback for all kinds of styles that keep up with the most active lifestyles. Whether you’re hitting the hiking trails, shredding through waves on the surfboard, or cycling through city streets, we have the perfect pair of sports sunglasses for you.

Sunglasses - SA9460 1

Our SA94601 sunglasses offer a lightweight option for maximum comfort during various adventures.

Straightback - Oakley Sunglasses

With our Straightback Oakley sunglasses, you’ll be rocking a very in-style look while enjoying your favourite outdoor sports activities.

CubikRXW Sports Wrap Gold & Blue

For a little bit of fun, our CubikRXW Sports Wrap sunglasses in gold & blue provide maximum protection and superior construction for robust durability to enhance your active lifestyle this summer.


From the timeless allure of aviators to the retro charm of round frames, from the bold statement of oversized styles to the sharp sophistication of square frames, there’s a pair of sunglasses to suit every taste and occasion this summer.

Whether you’re planning on lounging at the pool all summer, hitting the beach, or navigating the urban jungle, sunglasses are more than just a practical accessory - they’re a chance for you to show off your personal style and individuality. And with the range of options available this summer, there’s never been a better time to elevate your eyewear game and find your perfect fit.

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