Makeup tips for glasses wearers

22nd September 2022

Makeup and glasses

If you wear glasses on a daily basis and still like to wear a little bit of makeup, you’ll be familiar with problems like your lashes hitting your glasses or spotted foundation marks on your nose. However, these problems shouldn’t keep you from feeling confident and looking your best. While it is a struggle to not only figure out what works best with your frames but also work with restricted eyesight, we have you covered with all the basic tips you’ll need.

Avoid foundation spots

One of the most obvious problems with glasses wearers is foundation spots and red marks around the nose area due to friction caused by the bridge of the glasses. While some suggest layering more makeup on those problematic areas, it is actually counterproductive to do so. The more foundation buildup there is, the more noticeable the dents and red marks will be. Therefore, when applying your base, the best solution is to only use what’s left on your brush or sponge on your nose in order to keep coverage light and natural. If you do need more coverage in certain areas, use your concealer to pinpoint these areas.

Working with your frames

Maybe you are looking for new glasses or maybe you’ve been wearing yours for years, either way, it is important to know how to work with them in order to achieve your best makeup looks. If you’re looking for new ones, you should take your time and work out which frames suit your face and whether or not you want to get them in colour or not. If you’re a longtime glasses wearer, it is time to pick them up and have a closer look. Is your frame thick or thin? A lot of colours, a bit of colour or none at all? Is their style chunky or delicate? Once you’ve figured that out, you’ll have the chance to figure out what makeup compliments your frames.

Applying eyeliner

Eyeliner can be a convenient and powerful tool to help you achieve an expressive makeup look that’ll catch anyone’s eye. However, it is important to adjust your liner thickness to your frames. For example, you’ll have to apply a thicker liner if your frames are bigger, for your eyes to stand out. Contrary to that, if your frames are thinner, a softer and finer liner will do the trick. Another thing to consider is whether your lenses will enlarge your eyes or make them look smaller. Try using a darker liner in and close to your waterline for a shaded look to minimise the bulging effect your glassesmight cause. Whereas if your glasses make your eyes look smaller, a winged liner and a nude or white liner along the waterline will help widen them.

Coloured eyeshadow

If you’re wearing coloured glasses, you need to be careful not to go too bold with your eyeshadow colours. Since glasses tend to create a shadow around your eye area, neutral and pastel colours usually work better to help your eyes stand out. If you do want to go with the colour of your frames, it is usually better to start off with a lighter version of that colour and build up a little bit of a darker shade in your crease. It is important to always finish with some eyeliner and mascara for a more defined look.


To avoid this problem you should use a long-wearing, waterproof mascara with a volumising rather than lengthening formula. You can add a little extra touch by curling your lashes before applying the mascara, to keep them from touching your lenses while also helping to open up your eyes.

Makeup and glasses

Grooming your brows

Your brows will either be more or less prominent depending on your frames. If your frames are thick, they might hide most of your eyebrows while thin, round and more delicate ones tend to show more of your them. Chunkier frames will help you save a little time while getting ready, since most of your eyebrows will be hidden, you’ll only need a brow pencil to lightly define and shape your brows. A thinner frame however means it might be worth spending a little bit more time grooming your eyebrows.

You shouldn’t forget about your glasses possibly magnifying your eye area, so keeping your tweezers close by to keep your brow regrowth at bay, will help with your overall brow definition.

How to apply make-up with restricted eyesight

Lastly, it can be a struggle to apply makeup since you can’t wear your glasses while doing so. It can be helpful to use a magnifying mirror and to slowly build your makeup. You shouldn’t apply too much makeup all at once as it is easier to add more if you need to than taking it off and restarting.

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