Enhancing Your Look: Simple Makeup Tips for Glasses – Part Two

16th May 2017

If you wear varifocal prescription glasses, it's important to understand that they can have a visual effect on the size and appearance of your eyes. These unique lenses magnify the top portion while reducing the size of the bottom half of your eyes. 

While this magnification can certainly make your eyes look bigger and more vibrant, it also creates a visual contrast with the reduced size at the bottom. When it comes to applying makeup, it's crucial to take these differences into consideration to achieve a well-balanced look.

In most cases, the top half of the lens acts as a magnifier, emphasising and enlarging the upper part of your eyes. This quality can be beneficial as it naturally enhances your eye's brightness. However, the bottom half of the lens tends to have a reducing effect, making your eyes appear smaller. 

To create a harmonious appearance, there are various makeup techniques you can employ. These tricks help to ensure that your eye makeup enhances both the upper and lower halves of your eyes, achieving a balanced and captivating look that complements your unique glasses choice.

Try to Reduce Puffiness

If you happen to struggle with puffy eyes, it's important to note that they may appear smaller when viewed through varifocal prescription glasses, further accentuating the difference in eye size caused by the lens. To address this, it's essential to take steps to reduce puffiness and maintain a balanced appearance.

Getting Sufficient Sleep

One of the most effective ways to combat puffy eyes is by prioritising adequate sleep. Getting a good night's rest not only refreshes your overall appearance but also reduces water retention, a common cause of eye puffiness.

Morning Rituals

To effectively combat puffy eyes in the morning, it's a good practice to start your day by refreshing your face. After waking up, gently wash your face with tepid or cold water, which helps constrict blood vessels and reduce the initial swelling.

As an additional soothing step, placing used tea bags over your closed eyes for about five minutes can work very well. The tannins found in tea leaves have natural astringent properties that can effectively tighten the skin around your eyes, diminishing puffiness and leaving you with a more rejuvenated appearance.

Enhance Your Eyes with Lower Eyelid Liner

One key aspect of eye makeup that can significantly impact the appearance of your eyes is eyeliner. The strategic use of eyeliner on your lower eyelid can make a world of difference when it comes to achieving larger, more captivating eyes. Unlike applying liner across the entire lids, which can sometimes give the illusion of smaller eyes, focusing your eyeliner exclusively on the lower eyelid can help open your eyes.

To achieve this effect, consider using a subtle, light line of eyeliner, or opt for a shade that closely matches your natural hair colour, such as black or brown. It's important to note that when applying eyeliner to the lower lid, you should avoid the lash line and aim for a placement just below it. This technique enhances the appearance of the eyes without overwhelming them.

If you're feeling bold and want to further brighten your eyes, you can also experiment with a white eyeliner on your waterline. This way, you can achieve a balanced, refreshed look that highlights the natural beauty of your eyes. By strategically lining your lower eyelid, you can create a look that leaves a lasting impression. However, be cautious, as you want to avoid overdoing it.

Enhance Your Eye Size with Lower Lash Mascara

When it comes to creating the illusion of larger, more captivating eyes, mascara can be your secret weapon. The application of mascara to your lower lashes is a technique that can work wonders in achieving that desired effect. By carefully coating your lower lashes, you can make them appear longer, thinner, and well-defined, drawing attention to the lower half of your eyes.

This simple but effective beauty trick not only accentuates the size of your eyes but also helps create a balance between the upper and lower lash lines. To achieve this look, choose a mascara that provides lengthening and definition, and with a steady hand, apply it to your lower lashes. This will create a stunning, wide-eyed appearance that's sure to make heads turn. 

Whether you're going for a natural, everyday look or a more dramatic one, using mascara on the bottom lashes is a versatile technique that can instantly transform your eye makeup game.


In conclusion, addressing puffy eyes with the use of eyeliner and mascara is essential not only for your overall appearance but also for maintaining a balanced look, especially when wearing varifocal prescription glasses. By implementing the practical strategies mentioned, you can effectively enhance your natural beauty.

These steps not only help you achieve a more refreshed and alert appearance but also ensure that your varifocal glasses complement your facial features rather than drawing attention to any puffiness or eye size concerns. Ultimately, the combination of proper self-care and thoughtful eyewear choices can result in a more harmonious and confident look, leaving you feeling your best every day.

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