Glasses: The Benefits of Adding Anti-Reflective Coating

16th May 2017

The anti-reflective coating, which is also known as a MAR coating (Multiple Anti Reflective), will benefit you and your lenses in several ways:

They will make your glasses look more transparent and therefore more attractive as people looking at you will better see your eyes.

But there are also more beneficial reasons to opt for this coating:

Standard uncoated lenses will reflect around 5-10% of all light hitting your lenses and high index lenses will reflect higher levels of light, up to 15%.


With a MAR coating present, this light is allowed to pass through the lens, making your vision even clearer as more light is transmitted to the eye.

We particularly recommend this coating for night driving where glare can cause the most problems and you also benefit with more light being passed through the lenses to the eye.

It is also very beneficial to have this coating on your glasses for prolonged computer use and as it is such a worthwhile coating, we encourage all customers to add this to all their lenses.

It can also be added to all glasses and sunglasses lenses and we provide it as standard on all our tinted lenses and high index lenses. 

The coating, which consists of metal oxide, will have a faint hue to it which is usually green or purple and is quite normal and hardly noticeable.

Producing this Coating

The process of applying this coating is quite technical.

The lenses have to be worked in clinically clean laboratory conditions to ensure that even microscopic elements are not present on the lenses as this would spoil the whole process.

The lenses are cleaned and rinsed in an ultrasonic batch before being dried in ovens to remove moisture and gases.

They are then loaded into the coating equipment where the air is removed to create a vacuum.

An electron gun then fires at metal oxide which, when vaporised, will adhere to the lenses creating the MAR coatings.

So next time you are wondering ”why are my lenses taking so long?”

This may help answer your question.

For further information:

Written by: Russell Andrew, Director

Glasses2You Ltd

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