Glasses Styles That Are Perfect For The Office

21st November 2023

In the dynamic landscape of the modern workplace, showing up professional and polished is essential. From tailored suits to well-chosen accessories, every detail contributes to the overall impression we make on colleagues, clients, and superiors. Eyewear plays a crucial role not just in enhancing your vision but in framing your professional identity. The right pair of glasses can represent confidence, intelligence, and a sense of purpose in the office. Join us on our journey as we delve into the art of selecting eyewear that seamlessly blends functionality with fashion.

Glasses in the office

Classic and Timeless Frames

In the world of professional aesthetics, there is an ever-lasting charm in classics. Characterised by clean lines and sophisticated shapes, timeless frame styles have proven to be a steadfast choice for professionalism without sacrificing style.

Polish up your look with rectangular frames like our Rosley in Matt Balk & Gunmetal frames. With its straight, angular lines, rectangular glasses show a sense of authority and precision. Often associated with traditional business attire, these frames effortlessly complement formal wear, making them an ideal choice for boardrooms and corporate settings. 

Rosley in matt black

Take a look at our Tom Ford 5391 frames if you are looking for a softer touch while maintaining a professional edge, oval frames offer a charming alternative. The gentle curves of oval frames soften facial features and add a touch of elegance.


Neutral Colours for Versatility

In your search for the perfect office eyewear, never underestimate the significance of colour. While bold and vibrant colours have their place, there’s an enduring elegance in the subtlety of neutral-coloured frames.

Black Frames

The quintessential choice for a sleep and professional look, black frames show off sophistication. Suitable for most dress codes, black frames effortlessly integrate with formal suits, casual business attire, and everything in between. It is the simplicity of black frames that makes them a versatile accessory, making a bold statement without being overpowering. Check out our black Del Carmen frames.

Del Carmen

Brown Frames

If you are looking for a warmer and more approachable aesthetic, brown specs offer a refined alternative. Complementing earth-toned and neutral-coloured outfits, brown frames, ranging from light tan to deep chocolate, add a touch of warmth to your professional appearance. With brown frames, you will find a balance between classic and contemporary, making them the perfect choice for a variety of workplace settings. Check out our Taurus in Brown & Gold for some inspiration. 

Taurus - Brown & Gold

Grey Frames

With their ability to blend seamlessly with various colour palettes, grey frames provide understated charm. Offering a sophisticated and modern option, grey specs are particularly well-suited for you if you appreciate a subtle and nuanced look. By bridging the gap between black and brown, grey effortlessly adapts to different styles without being overly conspicuous. Take a look at our Ray Ban 2447 in Crystal Grey for some style inspiration.

Ray Ban 2447 - Crystal Grey

Thin and Lightweight Frames

With long hours spent at the office, comfort is as crucial as style. Thin and lightweight frames not only prioritise aesthetics but also ensure a featherlight feel for extended wear. These glasses, often crafted from materials like titanium or stainless steel, offer a harmonious blend of sophistication and practicality, allowing you to transition from desk to meeting to networking event without the burden of heavy eyewear. Check out our Maple Titanium in Gunmetal frames for inspiration.

Maple - Titanium - Gun

Blue Light Blocking Lenses for Digital Work

As our professional lives involve increasingly more digital technology, the strain on our eyes has never been more evident. Blue light is a high-energy visible (HEV) light emitted by digital screens that can lead to eyestrain, headaches, and disrupted sleep patterns after an extended period. Blue light-blocking lenses mitigate the adverse effects of prolonged screen exposure and therefore offer a solution to alleviate eye fatigue and promote visual comfort.

If you spend extended hours in front of computers, tablets, and smartphones in your professional as well as personal life, blue light-blocking lenses help prevent digital eye strain, improve contrast, and have a potentially positive effect on your sleep cycles.

Ocushield Carson Anti Blue light Glasses - Black

At Glasses2You, you can get non-prescription glasses with blue light-blocking lenses, offering you the perfect opportunity to protect your eyes while looking professional and fashionable at your workplace. You can add a blue light filter with every pair of prescription glasses purchased at Glasses2You, meaning you can look after your eye health while also rocking your favourite pair of specs. Take a look at our Ocushield Carson Anti Blue light Glasses in Black for some non-prescription glasses inspiration.

Retro-Inspired Styles for a Modern Twist

Retro-inspired styles are making a fashionable comeback these days, extending to professional settings as well. Incorporating vintage elements into an otherwise contemporary look adds a touch of personality and flair, allowing you to express your individuality.

Cat-Eye Frames:

The iconic cat-eye shape, popular in the mid-20th century, blended with contemporary materials and colour, makes these frames a chic choice if you are seeking a bold yet redefined look. Check out our Just Cavalli JC0848 052 frames for some inspiration.


Browline Frames:

Characterised by a thicker upper rim that mimics eyebrows, browline frames gained popularity in the ‘50s and ‘60s. Today, they offer you a distinguished and intellectual appearance with their balance between vintage charm and modern sophistication, perfect for the office. Check out our Nyton in Brown & Gold frames for glasses inspiration.

Nyton - Brown & Gold

Round Frames:

Reminiscent of the ‘60s, the circular shape adds a touch of whimsy and creativity to your professional wardrobe. Paired with modern materials and subtle detailing, round frames strike a harmonious balance between retro and contemporary aesthetics. Check out our Collins in Gold frames for some inspiration. 

Collins in Gold


Bringing together functionality and style, let your eyewear be a harmonious accompaniment to your career endeavours. As you set about finding your perfect pair of office glasses, consider the nuances of your workplace, personal style, and the demands of your daily routine. Whether you choose the timeless elegance of classic frames, the adaptability of neutral colours, the comfort of thin and lightweight materials, or the retro-inspired charm with a modern twist, your eyewear becomes and extension of your professional persona. Check out our range of options at Glasses2You.

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