Glasses, Fashion or Sense?

9th October 2020

Well luckily there is no need to choose, you can have both! With a vast selection of frames, colours, shapes and styles available, you can have glasses that are both practical, and compliment your look and facial features. Lenses bespoke to your prescription needs and styles for any occasion. Whether you’re as blind as a bat, protecting your eyes from UV and computer glare, or just looking for a fashion accessory.

We all know glasses come in pretty hand when you have sight issues, but there is more to wearing glasses than meets the eye. Modern glasses not only improve eyesight, they make a statement, they draw attention, and they give you confidence!

Glasses and Facial Features

With so many glasses frame styles to choose from we know its sometimes an overwhelming the get the right frames to make the most of your facial features. So, firstly we have to find which facial features we want to emphasis right? Go ahead, grab yourself a mirror and take a look. Are we looking at a soft or sharp jaw line? Full or defined cheeks? …There are a few common face shapes to look for and see which you most closely match:

Oval Face 

Oval Face

With a softly rounded chin and forehead you’re looking at a face that will suit nearly every frame shape. So, go to town and be as adventurous as you dare. Usually styles that are slightly wider than the widest part of your face look amazing!

Square Face

Square Face

With a strong jaw and a broad forehead with proportionate face length and width square faces are usually complimented by angular shaped glasses which are narrower. These frames tend to add a little extra length to your face. Our Brazil glasses are the perfect example of frames which are perfect for square shaped faces.

Round Face

Round Face

These face shapes are usually similar in length and width with soft features, such as cheeks and jawline. The best way to accent a round face shape is, you guessed it, going for rounder frame. Try to avoid more angular glasses frames as these won’t flow with your facial shape as well. Try our Cheryl glasses range for rounder face shapes.

Round Face

Heart-shaped Face

Those with heart-shaped faces tend to have a wider forehead, which gently narrows towards the chin with softer facial features and high and defined cheekbones. With a heart-shaped face it is best to go for glasses that have an exaggerated brow line or are slightly wider than your forehead. If you have more of a heart-shaped face try out Honey range of glasses.

Knowing your face shape and best facial features is key to making the most out of your glasses. And don’t forget to experiment. Of course, not everybody is the same so will look great in some glasses they would never have expected.

Frame Thickness

Frame thickness is a big contributor to how eye catching, or subtle your glasses are. Now you can probably guess, thicker frames tend to draw more attention to your face than thinner frames. But it also depends on the style of clothing you’re wearing. Thicker frames often compliment darker and heavier themed clothing, while light, summer clothing is often best paired with thinner frames as these will not detract from the overall style.

Rim Styles


But of course, just the shape and thickness of your glasses isn’t enough! This is where the rim style comes in. Your glasses rim style makes a big difference when it comes to how they contribute to your style of fashion and how your facial features are complimented. Rims generally come in three styles, full rimmed. Semi-rimmed and rimless, each bringing their own twist to how the glasses are worn.

Full rimmed glasses are great for drawing attention to the face, which can then be directed through the shape and style of the glasses to accent different features and face shapes. The thickness of the rim chosen will be proportional to how attention is drawn to your face, thicker frames will ultimately visually draw people towards your face whereas with thinner frames this will be lessened. Our England Frames make use of both thick frames and full rims to make a bold statement.

Semi-rimmed glasses follow full rimmed glasses in the way they draw attention to your face, however the open lenses result in the attention being drawn further towards the top of your face. These glasses are great for people with heart-shaped faces, or larger foreheads as in balances the facial shape out. A great example of these frames are our Natalie frames.

Rimless frames are great for those looking to be a little more subtle with their look. These frames are usually combined with thin arm pieces and make for an overall light and bright look. With rimless frames the eyes can be seen clearly with no distraction and are usually the main point of visual focus. Rimless frames can still be combined with different glasses frames shapes to best suit your face and facial features. Our Hope Titanium glasses are a perfect example of rimless glasses that will bring out the most of your eyes and facial features.

The shape, style, and colour of your glasses can make a massive difference to your look, so have a play around with it. Glasses are a great way to express yourself and say a lot about you. Why not have a few different styles depending on how you’re feeling or the occasion? But make sure, no matter what, they give you the confidence you need when you wear them!

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