Eye Make Up Tips for Glasses – Part Three

by Beth Griffiths on 16th May 2017

If you wear varifocal prescription glasses your eyes will appear bigger in one place and smaller in another.  When you apply your make up you will need to take this into consideration.

In most cases, the top half of the lens is the magnified portion. This is a good thing as it does help to make your eyes look bigger and brighter. The bottom half will look smaller so you can perform the following tricks to even out the appearance of your eyes.

Try to Reduce Puffiness

If you have puffy eyes they will look smaller. Therefore, you should aim to reduce the puffiness by ensuring you get enough sleep.

When you wake up, wash your face with tepid or cold water and placed used tea bags over your closed eyes for five minutes.

The tannins inside the leaves will tighten the skin, reducing the swelling thanks to the astringent properties.

Line Your Lower Eyelid

 Apply eyeliner on your lower eyelid but not on the upper lid. When you use liner over the entire lids it makes your eyes look smaller.

Apply a light line of eyeliner or stick to a colour that matches your own natural hair colour such as black or brown.  Avoid lining on the actual lash line, aim for just below for the best effect.

If you want you can also apply a white liner to your water line but be careful as you don’t want to overdo it.

Use Mascara to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger on the Bottom

Mascara is very useful for making the eyes look bigger so use this to your advantage. Apply the mascara to your lower lashes so they look long, thin and clearly defined.

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