Customising Your Glasses: Our Lens Packages Explained

17th August 2023

Finding your perfect pair of glasses to complement your unique style can be a tiresome pursuit, often requiring patience. After you’ve sifted through shapes, frames, and colours to find a match that resonates with your personality, another range of choices unfolds- lens options, coatings, thinness and more. Although the sheer array of options can seem overwhelming at first, it's an exciting journey that promises optimised vision and comfort.

With an array of lens packages designed to cater to diverse needs, at Glasses2You we transform the selection process from a daunting task to an exciting journey of personalisation. In this article, we will explain everything you need to know about our lens packages at Glasses2You to ensure crystal-clear vision with comfort.

Two pairs of glasses

Lens Options Available

At Glasses2You, we understand that no two individuals share the same visual requirements, which is why we provide different lens options to cater to diverse needs. Whether you need glasses to primarily use for distance, reading, or computer use, we provide eyewear that seamlessly complements your daily activities. 

Single Vision:

Whether it’s nearsightedness or farsightedness, these lenses are ideal for you if you need only a single-vision correction, ensuring optimal clarity for specific distances without compromising all your favourite activities, such as reading, cooking, or watching TV.

Varifocals & Progressives:

For those who navigate multiple focal distances, we offer varifocal and progressive lenses. Within these glasses, different prescriptions are blended into a single lens, catering to distance, reading and computer use. This eliminates the need for multiple pair of glasses, ensuring smooth transitions between tasks.


If you require both distance and close-up vision correction, our bifocal lenses are another option for you. Similarly to varifocals, these lenses accommodate various visual needs. However, they feature distinct segments, allowing wearers to enjoy precise vision across varying distances. If you need some help, deciding whether you should go with varifocals or bifocals, check out our article “Varifocals Vs Bifocals”. 

Lens Coatings Available

Life can be unpredictable sometimes, which is why we offer a suite of specialised coatings to optimise both your visual experience and the longevity of your glasses.

Scratch-Resistant Coating:

Innocent encounters with a hairbrush, jewellery, cleaning with a shirt and no proper protection can all contribute to scratches and abrasions on your lenses. This robust coating serves as a protective barrier against unpredictable everyday life and keeps your eyewear looking good along with maintaining optical clarity over time.

Anti-Reflective Coating:

Say goodbye to bothersome glare and reflections with this anti-reflective coating. It minimises distracting reflections caused by artificial lighting or sunlight, improves your vision, reduces eye strain, and repels water from the lens surface, resulting in a more comfortable viewing experience.

UV400 Coating:

By blocking harmful ultraviolet rays, this coating not only keeps your eyes healthier for longer but also shields the delicate skin around your eyes. If you find yourself outdoors a lot, this protective layer allows you to enjoy the outdoors with the confidence that your eye health doesn’t suffer because of it.

Understanding the Importance of Lens Thickness

A comfortable and visually appealing glasses design goes beyond frame design, lens type and even coatings. One often overlooked yet important factor is lens thickness, especially when accommodating different prescriptions. Lens thickness directly influences both the aesthetics and comfort of your eyewear and therefore deserves just as much consideration as your frame design.

Different prescriptions give rise to varying lens profiles. For those with a negative Sphere (SPH) value – indicating nearsightedness – the edge thickness of lenses can become more pronounced. On the other hand, positive SPH values - indicating farsightedness - bring attention to the centre thickness of lenses.

This is where the choice of lens refractive index becomes crucial to mitigate these thickness concerns, ensuring that your eyeglasses not only provide optimal visual correction but also embody comfort.

Customisability and Personalisation

At Glasses2You, we not only provide you with glasses tailored to your individual preferences when choosing your lens option and thickness but also offer customisability including tint options and blue light protection.

From the convenience of photochromic and transition lenses that adapt to changing light conditions to the appeal of regular sunglass tints that provide unchanging UV protection to mirror tints that combine modernity with glare reduction to polarized lenses that enhance visual clarity while reducing glare, Glasses2You caters to everyone’s personal needs and wants.

Additionally, you can address your concerns about prolonged screen time by opting for blue light protection. With our UV Blue and UV Blue+ lens options, the blue light filter is not just a coating but is cast directly into the lens itself, which means it won’t break down over time and you will benefit from long-lasting UV light protection.

Understanding Glasses2You’s Lens Packages

Our lens packages at Glasses2You offer a range of options to cater to your specific needs. While all but one packages provide UV400 protection and multi anti-reflecting coating, all come with scratch-resistant coating. The main difference to consider when choosing your lens package is your lens thickness. The higher the index, the thinner the lens. To help you decide, here is an overview of our packages:

Glasses on laptop

G2Y Bronze Pack:      - Standard 1.5 lenses

                                    - Scratch-resistant coating

G2Y Silver Pack:        - Standard 1.5 lenses

                                    - Scratch-resistant coating

                                    - UV400 Protection

                                    - Multi anti-reflecting coating

G2Y Gold Pack:          - Thin 1.6 lenses

                                    - Scratch-resistant coating

                                    - UV 400 Protection

                                    - Multi anti-reflecting coating

G2Y Gold+ Pack:        - Extra Thin 1.67 lenses

                                    - Scratch-resistant coating

- UV400 Protection

                                    - Multi anti-reflecting coating

G2Y Platinum Pack:   - Ultra Thin 1.74 lenses

- Scratch-resistant coating

                                    - UV 400 Protection

                                    - Multi anti-reflecting coating

What Lens Package is the Right One for Me?

For the Shortsighted (Negative SPH Values):

As briefly mentioned above, with negative SPH values - shortsightedness - it is important to address the edge thickness of the lenses. To counteract the edge thickness that comes with a negative SPH value, a higher refractive index lens is needed. 

Our recommendation is to select at least a 1.6 index lens, available in the Gold Pack, with a Sphere value between -2.50 and -4.00. For prescriptions between -4.00 and -6.00, you will benefit from the Gold+ Pack with a 1.67 index lens to minimise edge thickness.

Beyond -6.00, the Platinum Pack’s 1.74 index lens optimises both your visual clarity and the slimness of the lenses.

For the Farsighted (Positive SPH Values):

On the other hand, farsightedness comes with a positive SPH value and a pronounced centre thickness of the lenses. Similar to a negative SPH value, selecting a higher refractive lens can also help with lens thickness.

For Sphere values between +2.50 and +4.00, a 1.6 index lens in the Gold Pack is recommended. The benefits of the 1.67 index lens (Gold+ Pack) become apparent as SPH values increase, especially among prescriptions from +4.00 to +6.00. Beyond this range, the Platinum Pack's 1.74 index lens presents the best solution.


With a comprehensive range of lens options. lens coatings and lens thickness, at Glasses2You we cater to everyone’s needs, prioritising personal needs and wants. As you embark on the next chapter of your eyewear story, make sure to choose your perfect lens package to ensure clear vision along with comfort.

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