How to Clean Your Lenses and Care For Your Glasses

16th May 2017

Keeping your lenses clean is very important as it keeps your vision clear and bright and ensures that your lenses last as long as possible.

Annoying marks and smudges can easily be distracting and even dangerous when driving but with the right care, your lenses will keep serving you for many years with very few scratches.

As most opticians will recommend the anti-reflective coatings, as many wearers will know, this coating will show up the marks even more and will require more frequent cleaning.

If you have purchased your glasses from us, we will have supplied a microfibre cloth.

The microfibre cloth is the only one we recommend using and you will need to ensure that nothing is caught in the cloth such as grains of dust or sand and to ensure it works well – cleaning once a month in some mild detergent is recommended.

Here Are Some Tips To Keeping Your Lenses in Top Condition:

Clean your lenses once a day using detergent under a running tap – this will get your lenses sparkling, but please be careful to dry and clean them with a clean, soft cleaning cloth. Do not use a shirt, t-shirt, jumper or handkerchief to clean your lenses!

Only ever use a soft microfibre cloth and ensure you always have one to hand.

Try not to get any chemicals on the lenses; even hairspray can cause the lens coatings to break down.

When taking off your glasses, we recommend that you always use both hands, so as not to cause any stress on the hinges.

If you are not wearing your glasses, please keep them in your case and ensure the case interior is kept clean.

Ensure that you never put your glasses face down on to the lenses (most lenses do carry a hard coating but this will only protect against very light scratching)

We recommend that glasses and sunglasses are not stored in very hot cars, especially in the summer.

Written by: Russell Andrew, Director

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