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12th May 2017

Harry Potter

Played by Daniel Radcliffe

It would be criminal if he wasn’t included in our list. Throughout his entire time at Hogwarts, Harry wears his infamous glasses that were perhaps chosen to convey a sense of innocence, or maybe not towards the end of the series.

What’s certain is that the glasses are an integral part of the character and nobody would have ever bothered to see the films had the star not been bespectacled. Fact.

Clark Kent

Played by Christopher Reeve

When not traversing the globe in seconds or preventing the fall of a  mid-size building onto inconveniently placed young children, Clark  Kent dons his unforgettable glasses but remains equally super.

The glasses are part of his disguise, and serve as an excellent tool in creating a dividing line between his two contrasting identities. We almost sounded clever there.

Austin Powers

Played by Mike Myers

How do you turn a Canadian-born actor into a stereotypical Limey? If Mike  Myers was asked, the reply may have been: just add bad teeth, a Union  Jack coat, a cockney accent and of course…glasses.

Did it work? Unfortunately yes, rather well indeed.

Napoleon Dynamite

Played by Jon Heder

Star of the cult classic film of the same name, Napoleon Dynamite is a  character that we try not to relate to, but despite our best efforts, we all see a small part of him in us. Especially in unfamiliar social situations and when we’re talking to people, we’re just not that keen on.

Equally hilarious is Napoleon’s brother, Kip, who similarly wears a “fantastic"  pair of glasses that just clearly don’t fit and add several layers of unwarranted maturity.

Brick Top

Played by Alan Ford

“Do  you know what nemesis means?” You do if you’ve watched 2000 crime comedy film Snatch. Brick Top is a headline character who considers crossing the fine line between assertive and homicidal somewhat a  banality.

It’s hard to work out how his glasses add to his personality, but you’d notice if they weren’t there.

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