5 Best Natural Remedies for Tired Eyes

30th July 2021

Holding eyes open

Though you may not realize it, our eyes are one of the most heavily used organs in our bodies, we use them constantly to complete our daily tasks and enjoy life as we know it. Whether they’re allowing you to view the beauty of nature or read a thrilling new book, our eyes are constantly working hard. We have a lot to thank our eyes for, so of course these precious things deserve a bit of care.

From purchasing glasses online to remedying sight issues, to using eye drops to soothe dry eyes, there is no shortage of methods available to ensure your vision remains as healthy as possible. Still, it’s worth looking into natural remedies that can provide the same benefits without causing further damage.

How Do I Know if I Have Tired Eyes, and What Causes It?

Even if you’ve found the perfect pair of glasses to wear daily or think you don’t need to worry about vision problems, everyone experiences tired eyes at least once in their lifetime. Common symptoms of the tired eyes can include:

  • Soreness or irritation.
  • Inability to focus.
  • Unusual sensitivity to light.
  • Tightness or pain in the back, neck, or shoulders.
  • Double or blurred vision.

Thanks to the prevalence of technology and the sheer number of devices surrounding us, eye fatigue is more common than ever. Even somewhat innocent activities — like reading — can be a contributing factor. Other causes can involve:

  • Driving for long periods.
  • Stress or fatigue.
  • Exposure to dry air from HVAC systems or the outdoors.
  • Exposure to harsh, bright lights and glare.
  • Spending time in a low-light environment.

In general, anything that requires extensive focus from your eyes can result in fatigue — with computer use being the most common culprit. As such, ensure you purchase a quality pair of blue-light-blocking glasses online to use with your device, and if necessary, research types of glasses crafted for comfortable reading.

Tired, red eyes

How Can I Remedy Symptoms?

Despite taking proper precautions, you may still find yourself experiencing tired eyes at some point — it happens! Fortunately, you can choose from various natural remedies to reduce the intensity of your symptoms and boost the healing process.

Apply a Warm Compress

Warm compresses have been used for years to increase blood flow and ease pain — the same principles can be applied to your eyes. First, thoroughly wash your hands, dip a clean washcloth in boiled water, and wait until it’s lukewarm. Then, lay down and place the cloth on your eyes for five to ten minutes.

Apply a Cold Compress

Known to decrease inflammation and reduce swollen spots, a cold compress can be just as effective as a warm cloth. Try brewing tea bags — chamomile, black, or green tea— and place them in your fridge. Once they’re cool, lay down and place the tea bags over your eyes. Again, make sure you’ve washed your hands before doing so! (Also, avoid getting tea in your eyes.)

Alternatively, you can cut up a few slices of cucumber and store them in your fridge until chilled.

Use Raw Potato Slices

Filled with astringent properties thought to solve water build-up beneath the eyes, slices of raw potato could be another organic solution for your weary eyes. Simply follow the same routine as you would if using cucumbers and wait for the natural benefits to work their magic.

Don’t want to use slices? No problem. You can also grate a raw potato into a poultice, place it into a cloth, and then rest it over your eyes.

Use Egg Whites

That’s right; eggs are more than just another excellent breakfast item. By beating up an egg into an egg white mask and swiping it under your eyes for ten to fifteen minutes, you could see those symptoms slowly fade away. As always, keep it from entering your eye.

Use Aloe Vera

You’ve probably heard about people using aloe vera for medical purposes before, from soothing burns to protecting minor cuts. Well, nature’s miracle cure is a lot more versatile than you might assume, as it’s thought to be another effective remedy for eye fatigue.

There are a few ways to use the plant. You could buy one at the store and slice it into pieces, use a bottled gel, or even find aloe-infused facial wipes. Either way, by placing it around your eyes, you’re bound to enjoy its antifungal, antiviral, and antibacterial properties. As a bonus, it’ll also moisturize your skin and leave it looking beautiful!

Tired eyes with glasses

Protect Your Eyes 24/7

Though these remedies are worth your time, the best solution is always prevention. Therefore, it’s crucial to ensure you have a good pair of glasses to keep your eyes from straining more than necessary.

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