4 Reasons to Buy Your Prescription Glasses Online

15th June 2021

Online glasses shopping

Thanks to the internet, virtually every aspect of our daily lives has gotten more convenient than ever before. From ordering a week’s worth of groceries with the push of a button to receiving our packages less than two days after ordering them, technology is clearly putting our best interests in mind.

And guess what? You can still take advantage of this when shopping for new prescription glasses in the UK, too!

Though buying glasses online instead of at an in-person retail store might feel new, there is no reason why you shouldn’t take advantage of the opportunity. Here are a few benefits that come with the process.

Unlimited Choices

When visiting a physical retail store, the options you get to choose from are limited to whatever the provider has in stock at the moment. This means you could be missing out on a style you would absolutely love without even knowing it!

When shopping for your 
prescription glasses online in the UK, this is no longer an issue to worry about. Nearly all online stores, like Glasses2you, have dozens upon dozens of different styles, shapes and sizes for you to browse. And, if the store you’re viewing doesn’t happen to have anything you like, there are hundreds of alternative providers who are just a simple Google search away!

Glasses choice

Great Deals

Almost everywhere you look, physical retail stores tend to have higher prices than their online counterparts. However, because online shops are so convenient and hassle-free, they also tend to offer more discounts on your favourite items, from cheap varifocal glasses to high-end sunglasses that would typically cost an arm and a leg to purchase.

As such, this also makes online stores a great place to stock up on glasses in case you ever need a backup pair.


Taking care of your vision should always be a pleasant, quick and hassle-free experience: something that online stores pride themselves in providing.

Finding the perfect pair of prescription glasses on a UK website is never frustrating nor inconvenient. Thanks to speedy shipping times, live customer support and more, you can comfortably browse for another frame while lying snugly in your bed. Some companies even offer free shipping if your order total is above a specific number, saving you more money in the process!

Real-time Reviews

Another downside of shopping in person is that you don’t get a chance to read reviews from real customers — something you can do online. For example, do you have your eye on a set of cheap varifocal glasses but aren’t sure if they’re truly worth the buy? No problem! Simply take a look at the product reviews to see what other people are saying and make an informed decision based on their thoughts.

Furthermore, some UK sites allow users to post photos of themselves wearing the new glasses they bought online, making it even easier for prospective buyers to decide whether they want to make a purchase or not.

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