3 Incredible Facts About the Eye You Probably Didn’t Know

16th August 2021

Facts about your eyes

Whether they are blue, green, brown, or a mixture of all of them, your eyes are one of the most incredible parts of your body. Eyesight is one of the most valuable senses we have, even so, our eyes remain a body part that don’t always receive the credit they deserve. Even if you need to buy prescription glasses online every once in a while to fix vision issues, they’re still the organ responsible for allowing you to do things like watch movies, read novels, see loved ones, and just about anything else.

Today we are going to be putting your eyes in the spotlight to show you just how mind blowing these googly organs really are. So, without further ado, here are some eye-opening facts (…see what we did there) you probably didn’t know about your eyes.

Your Eye Shape Affects Your Vision

If you’re one of the millions of people worldwide who search for glasses online to remedy their vision issues, you might be surprised to learn this fact. After all, it’s easy to grow accustomed to your glasses without ever pausing to think about why you might need them in the first place.

Well, the answer could be simpler than you originally imagined: It has to do with your eye shape.

For instance, those with myopia (a.k.a. near-sightedness) have an eye shape that is too large. In general, patients with symptoms have shapes that are longer than usual, causing the distance between the retina and cornea to be wider than average. As a result, light can converge too quickly throughout the eye so much so that the retina cannot keep up – this causes objects located further away to appear blurry. (Here’s a bonus fact: Myopia is also the most common vision issue worldwide!)

On the other hand, those with hyperopia (a.k.a. farsightedness) have an eye shape that is too short. This means that light struggles to travel properly throughout the cornea, altering the retina’s ability to focus on objects located close to the patient.

The last reason you may need to rely on those prescription glasses so heavily involves an irregularly curved cornea, which causes astigmatism. Since light cannot disperse evenly across the eye, patients with this shape struggle to focus on objects both near and far.


Our Eyes Are Great at Healing Themselves

Having an eye injury is arguably one of the worst feelings in the world, as it not only inhibits your ability to enjoy daily life, but also ensures you’ll be in pain the entire time.

Well, there’s good news: You won’t have to suffer for long.

When you scratch your eye (this is called a corneal abrasion in the medical world), it begins healing itself almost immediately. Whether your poked it with the end of your glasses frame while browsing articles online or sliced it with a fingernail when removing your contacts, the process remains the same, as your cornea can repair the area within 1-3 days.

Of course, this is only the case for superficial scratches. Deeper abrasions will almost always require medical treatment to prevent long-lasting damage. Just remember not to rub your eyes or do anything else that may irritate them further after an injury!

Eyes Are the Body’s Second Most Complex Organ

Superseded only by the brain, our eyes are the second most complex organ in the entire human body. You can thank over two million independent moving parts clustered within your eye, all working side by side to maintain your vision for this incredible fact.  

So, next time you slide on your prescription glasses, think about all those tiny particles dedicated to helping you see properly.

For the sake of clarity, these components can be grouped into three layers:

  • Layer One: Home to the sclera and cornea, this transparent layer — located on the surface of the eye — serves as a shield against dirt, bacteria, and other particles that could cause damage if absorbed.
  • Layer Two: Filled to the brim with tiny blood vessels, this layer directs blood to every part of the eye, ensuring it’s properly provided with essential nutrients and oxygen.
  • Layer Three: Finally, this layer contains one of the most critical components of the entire organ: The retina. Home to millions of receptors, neurons, and cells, these pieces deliver light signals to the brain.

 Close up ladies eye

Lend Your Eyes a Helping Hand

By reading this article, you now know even more about the powerful organ that grants us the gift of sight. Still, that doesn’t mean everyone has the luck to enjoy perfect vision.

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