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Find out everything you need to know about bifocal lenses, a type of multifocal lens. Bifocals are a popular choice for people who have prescriptions for long-distance vision and short-distance vision, enabling them to combine both prescriptions into a single pair of bifocal glasses.

What are Bifocal glasses?

Bifocal glasses get their name from the multifocal lenses they use; they contain two separate optical powers. Commonly the lower portion of the frames is fitted with a short-distance prescription while the upper lens area contains a long-distance prescription.

This combination enables the wearer to see both long and short distances clearly without the need for changing glasses. Bifocals are the simplest form of multifocals, making them easy to get used to, and very affordable.

Bifocal lens

We use D28 Flat Top Bifocal Lenses, the best all-round bifocal available. The "D" in the name signifies the 28mm diameter wide D-shaped reading area at the bottom of the lens. This part has a flat top and curved bottom. Giving you plenty of reading area without compromising your distance vision.

Bifocal Lens Structure

The design of all bifocal glasses has been standardised to an upper and lower lens split with long and short distance prescriptions respectively. Bifocal lenses are usually designed to allow the user to harness the short-distance prescription while looking slightly downwards - as you naturally would while reading or using a mobile phone.

The long distance prescription, used for driving and other long-distance tasks, is achieved by looking neutrally forward; just as you would naturally.

If you are new to multifocal lenses, it can sometimes take a while to get used to the lens transitions, particularly when you require a long distance prescription when looking downward, or vice versa. However, this can easily be compensated for by tilting your head. After a small amount of time, this will become natural.

What is the difference between varifocals and bifocals?

Bifocal glasses have two distinct sections in the lens: one for distance vision and another for near vision, separated by a visible line. Varifocal glasses, on the other hand, have a gradual and seamless transition of prescriptions from the top (for distance) to the bottom (for near), offering a continuum of focal powers for intermediate distances as well.

Varifocal lenses employ a sophisticated design that incorporates multiple focal points, allowing for a smooth transition between different visual distances. While traditional bifocal lenses only provide two focal distances with a clear separation between them, varifocals take it a step further. They feature a gradual transition area that creates multiple focal points, enabling clear vision at intermediate distances as well as long and short ranges. Find out more about varifocals on our varifocal page by clicking below:

Choosing a lens package...

We offer a variety of lens packages to suit your needs (We also offer a free value lens package as standard, that has no thin lens options). See below for a selection that works with your budget & requirements:

lens packages

Adapting to Bifocal Lenses

Adapting to bifocal glasses requires patience and practice. Begin by familiarising yourself with the two distinct parts of the lens: the upper portion for distance vision and the lower segment for close-up tasks. Practice looking through the appropriate part of the lens for specific activities and remember to move your head, not just your eyes, when transitioning between distances.

It's essential to give your eyes time to adjust, so wear your bifocals consistently to allow your brain to adapt to the dual prescription. Also, be mindful of keeping your head level when reading, as tilting it back can make it more challenging to use the reading portion of the lens effectively. Lastly, ensure regular eye exams to keep your prescription up-to-date and accurately fitted for your bifocal glasses, as this can significantly enhance your visual comfort and clarity.

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How to know if you need Bifocal Lenses?

People needing bifocals are usually near-sighted but also have Presbyopia, a worsening of the ability to focus on close objects which happens around the age of 40. So you need a lens that will give you both distance and reading areas. Here are some indications that you might need Bifocals:

- You find yourself struggling with small print. having to hold text at arm's length to read it.

- You experience eye & headache when performing up-close tasks such as writing or reading.

- If you have multiple pairs of glasses with you at all times.

How expensive are Bifocal Lenses?

At Glasses2you we ensure that our customers are given the best possible price, this is why our premium Bifocal Lenses are only £25 extra across our range of glasses. That means you can pick up Bifocals for as low as £44.99!

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