Bifocal Lenses


Learn more about the bifocal lenses we use to make your next new pair of glasses....

What are Bifocal Lenses?

Bifocal lenses allow for near & far vision in one single lens. A large area of the lens will have one prescription (distance) and a lower segment at the bottom area of the lens will have another (reading). Perfect for people that need both types of vision but don't want to change between two pairs of glasses.

How do Bifocal Lenses work?

Distance glasses with a near vision area usually in a 'D' segment.

bifocal regions

We use D28 Flat Top Bifocal Lenses, the best all-round bifocal available. The "D" in the name signifies the 28mm diameter wide D shaped reading area at the bottom of the lens. This part has a flat top and curved bottom. Giving you plenty reading area without comprimising your distance vision.

How to know if you need Bifocal Lenses?

People needing bifocals are usually near-sighted but also have Presbyopia, a worsening of the ability to focus on close objects which happens around the age of 40. So you need a lens that will give you both distance and reading areas. Here's some indications that you might need Bifocals...

  • You find yourself struggling with small print. having to hold text at arm's length to read it.
  • You experience eye & head ache when performing upclose tasks such as writing or reading.
  • If you have multiple pairs of glasses with you at all times.

How expensive are Bifocal Lenses?

At Glasses2you we ensure that our customers are given the best possible price, this is why our premium Bifocal Lenses are only £20 extra across our range of glasses. That means you can pick up Bifocals for as low as £44.95!

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