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Varifocal Glasses Online

Proven method for dispensing varifocals online 100% No quibbles varifocal guarantee details From £64.96 including lenses

Varifocal Glasses Online. Buy Freeform Varifocal Lenses in Great Quality Frames For Less at Glasses2You. Also Available As Varifocal Sunglasses. Choose Tints, Mirrors, Transitions™ or Polarised Lenses
G2Y use one of the biggest and best laboratories in the world in order to provide our customers with top notch digital freeform varifocal lenses. We have been selling varifocals online for years and have got the process down to a fine art. Our adaption levels for both seasoned varifocal wearers and those trying varifocals for the first time is exceptional. This is mainly due to the quality of the lenses we use but also down to the care we take to ensure that everything needed in terms of your measurements are covered. Have 100% confidence when ordering your vaifocals from G2Y. We do our very best to ensure that you receive perfect glasses from both a quality and vision perspective. We offer a 100% no quibbles money back guarantee in the very rare situation where you don't adapt to varifocals. This can happen from time to time as some people just cannot get on with Varifocals. However, for people that do persevere and make the transition from single vision to varifocal glasses, they never go back.'
- Russell Andrew- Founder of glasses2you.co.uk

We prepare our spectacles using the same processes, technology and suppliers as those employed by high street opticians.

Our only compromise is on price not on quality.

All orders are handled individually by vastly experienced and skilled technicians and dispensing opticians. From receipt of your prescription, through every stage of the production process to despatch of your finished glasses, our laboratory uses the latest state of the art machinery and computer technology to check the accuracy and quality of our work.

That means you can feel secure in the knowledge that what you order is what you will get.



All orders include

  • Free prescription lenses
  • Free protective case
  • Free lens cleaning cloth
  • Try online or try before you buy options
  • 100% No risk guarantee
Some nice things our customers have said about our online varifocal service
Great service & amazingly priced. I depend on my (varifocal) glasses, but could only afford one pair from my local optician (about £500) - a friend recommended Glasses2you. The process was straightforward:

I chose a pair of frames; sent my prescription from my local optician to Gasses2you along with a photo of me wearing the Glasses2you measuring device (which allows them to adjust the frames). When I realised I had ordered tinting that I did not want, Gasses2you were able to remove that from my order and refund that element.) A few days later a perfect pair of varifocals came through the post.

I can see better with them than using those from my local optician. The Gasses2you varifocals cost about 125 pounds, a 1/4 of the price and at least as good, and possibly better quality!
- Mr D McLean  |
Varifocal Glasses Purchase

Easy to choose / order website, simple measurement process , fast delivery and value for money - great experience - definitely will be recommending and using again
- David Hornsby  |
Varifocals - Received my glasses in just over a week, online process fairly straightforward. I ordered a lens with the Optitions choice option which was more expensive than the basic lens. The quality of the frame was very good. The transition effect in the lens is excellent. I had a small issue with the glasses and it was quickly sorted out with a new frame. I felt that they bent over backwards to help me when my choice of frame may have been the main cause of the issue so I can't recommend them enough, I would definitely use them again.
- J Inglis  |
Great value & service - Bought a number of pairs of glasses From G2Y before. This was the first time I purchased varifocals. I prefer looking at glasses online than in a shop with assistants. It was a bit tricky getting a photo of myself with the varifocal measurement ruler balanced on my nose. This was still more preferable than in a shop. Glasses came quickly, were what I wanted and I saved £160 on my eye test opticians prices. 
- PD  |