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Varifocal Glasses Satisfaction Guarantee

See also: Our normal glasses (non varifocal) guarantee

We have created a special guarantee for our Varifocal customers. We have extended our normal guarantee to 30 days to allow you the extra time sometimes needed to get used to your new Varifocal lenses.

Our Varifocal 100% NO quibbles guarantee!

  • Shop with 100% peace of mind from glasses2you

  • If after giving your eyes ample time to adjust to these complex lenses you are not entirely satisfied with your purchase you can send them back within 30 days. (Do please make sure you follow the advice sent out with this product to give yourself every chance of getting on with these complex lenses) - We also ask that you try your glasses for at least 20 days of receiving your varifocals before returning them.

  • We WILL rectify the situation for you so that YOU ARE 100% satisfied

  • We will exchange them for either a new pair of bifocals or one pair of reading glasses and one pair of distance glasses. It’s entirely up to you and will of course be at no extra cost to you
  • That’s great! Any other information I need to know? When does the 30 day period start? The 30 days begins from the dispatch date of your glasses. Can I exchange my glasses for a higher priced pair? No problem but we will ask you to pay for any difference in frame price. What about refunds for postage and packing? We do not offer refunds for postage and packing costs when exchanging goods.

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