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Understanding your prescription

Prescriptions are written in a number of different ways and may be a bit confusing, but the first thing to say is don’t be put off!! You can just email or fax this to us and we can fill in the relevant details for you.

There can also be a lot of information that we do not require written down. Where it mentions VA (aided vision) you will see numbers such as 4/6 or 6/6. We do not require this information for dispensing glasses.

The important points to note are:

  • Make sure you do not confuse + and – values on your sphere and cylinder values
  • Make sure you enter the axis values exactly as they appear – do not enter 12.5 if it states 125

IF ordering reading glasses don’t forget to enter your reading addition. This will appear sometimes as a single figure such as +125, written once. It always applies to both eyes. Other times the reading prescription will be written next to NEAR and this will already include your reading addition. If this is the case you will notice the cylinder and axis values remain the same for distance and near and the only difference will be the spheres. The addition will be the difference in these values.

If you have been prescribed computer use glasses you will have an intermediate addition written down , this may also appear as INT ADD and again may be a single figure such as +1.00.

Please don’t be put off by your prescription – just remember you can email, fax it or phone it to us!

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