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Titanium Glasses Frames

Titanium and it's use in glasses frames

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What are the benefits of a Titanium frame?

Titanium frames are traditionally a lot more expensive than metal or plastic frames and for good reason. Titanium is described as being a space age material because it is so often used in the construction of amazing man made objects such as spacecraft, aeroplanes and racing cars and hence it's an expensive material. Titanium is a chemical element with the symbol Ti and atomic number 22. It is a lustrous transition metal with a silver color, low density and high strength. It is highly resistant to corrosion in sea water, aqua regia and chlorine. All these things make it an absolutely perfect material for spectacle frames. Many people have to wear a pair of glasses on their noses all the time so the idea of having a frame that is featherlite is very appealing. Combine this with the fact that it's super strong (ideal for a delicate type of object such as a spectacle frame) and then all of a sudden, titanium frames become very, very appealing!

At Glasses2you we have worked very hard to source great frames made of the best materials at the best prices we can find. Our titanium frames are constructed and manufactured using the same processes and on the same production lines as frames produced for much much more expensive eyewear outlets. The difference is we have cut out the middle men who's involvement in the process means that by the time these kind of products are in front of you, the various chunks of profit that have been added on make titanium glasses frames out of reach for many people. Not with us though. Our Titanium range is priced at a rate that anyone can afford. Try Titanium for once and see the difference it makes to you.

As we've already mentioned, Titanium frames are known to be more lightweight than conventional frames. This is not only due to the strength of titanium (which means less metal is used), but also due to the fact that titanium is about 40% lighter than steel. If you are worried about the weight of your glasses then this is the material for you, and if selected together with a thin index lens your glasses will be considerably lighter.

Titanium has very high tensile strength which would make it a very good choice for safety frames, but it also perfect for frames that are very thin and for use with more delicate designs.

Titanium is ideal for you if you suffer from skin reactions which many people do get with frames with some Nickel content. Titanium does not rust and will not go green like some other metals will over time.

All in all this is a great material to choose and we are sure you'll be delighted with the benefits this great material has to offer.

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