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Reading Glasses


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Perhaps the most widely misused and abused glasses are those used by people who only need glasses for reading. Constantly being taken on and off, misplaced, scratched and sat on. Glasses2you offer a huge range of glasses at such affordable prices, that a pair and a spare can be purchased for less than the price of one pair of reading glasses offered by opticians on the high street. A good first pair could be a bendy frame which will take the wear and tear reading glasses are subjected to, and perhaps a couple of spares in the £15 to £25 range would be useful to keep in the car or office. Check out the range at Glasses2you and choose from a wide variety of styles. Bendy glasses will keep their shape, are stylish and light to wear, but whatever your preference there are sure to be frames to suit your needs. Eyes should be tested regularly by an optician who will give you a copy of the prescription. All you need to do is choose your glasses, (you may want to send for some frames to try beforehand, free of charge) key in your prescription, pay on our state of the art secure payment system and wait for your reading glasses to be delivered to your door. It really is that simple when you purchase your reading glasses from Glasses2you.

Glass is believed to have been produced during the bronze age. Glass is an inorganic solid material that is usually clear or translucent with various colors. It is a very hard substance, brittle and stands up to the effects of the weather. Glass has been applied for various types of use including bottles and utensils, mirrors, windows, glasses for reading and much more. It is thought to have been first created around 3000 BC, during the bronze age. Egyptian glass beads for example date back to as far as 2500 BC.

Eye Glasses to aid vision for reading and distance were invented around 1284 in Italy. Around 1000AD, the first vision aid was invented (The name of the inventor is unknown) and was called a reading stone, which was a glass sphere that was laid on top of the material to be read that to magnified the letters. Around 1284 in Italy, Salvino D'Armate is credited with inventing the first wearable eye glasses. This picture is a reproduction copied from an original pair of eye glasses dating back to the mid-1400's.

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Glasses2you offer quality prescription eyewear at fantastically low prices. Our spectacles are exactly the same as you find on the High Street. In addition to the designer frames for sale on this site, we also sell non branded high quality frames of all types for use with single vision, bifocal and varifocal lenses. Not only that, but we will supply your prescription specs to you at a much lower price. We are able to offer our eyewear at the prices we do because we do not need to pay for expensive equipment and premesis and can pass that saving onto you.

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