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How Our Discount Model Works

Our new web site is specifically geared for you to make the most of saving money. We have added a multi-buy discount feature.

Discounts not only apply to frames (like most other web sites do) but at G2Y we also apply the same level of discount across your entire order. So, if you order lens options such as a thin lens for example, we will also apply discount to that too.

Multiple Prescription Feature

Another clever feature with our new site is the ability to allow you to save more than one prescription per order. This means that you and your partner, friends or colleagues at work can now order glasses together, enter different prescriptions and apply their prescription to their own chosen frame. That means that you can all benefit from the discount feature even if you are personally only ordering one pair of glasses.

Geared Discounts

On top of that, our discount is geared. So to trigger the start of the discount, 2 pairs are ordered. Then, if three pairs are ordered, the discount across the entire order increases. The more you or you and your friends order, the better it gets!

"Our only compromise is on price, NOT quality"

All orders are handled individually by experienced and skilled technicians at a laboratory with over 25 years experience of supplying high quality prescription glasses to opticians. From receipt of your prescription, through every stage of the production process to dispatch of your finished glasses, our laboratories use the latest technology to check the accuracy and quality of our work. That means you can feel secure in the knowledge that what you order is what you will get.

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