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New Team Member - August 2016

We would like to welcome Steven Miell to the customer service team.

Steve has been training for the last few months and is now a fully fledged member of the help team.

He brings many years experience dealing with 

customers and is an extremely valuable member of the team.

You may speak to him over the phone or hear from him over email so say hello and be nice to him! He is here to help you with all aspects of

your order and to answer any of your questions.



Rimless Glasses - 9th November 2015

Looking for a new style of spectacles for the New Year? Rimless glasses are always an option that many people go for these days, simply because of their originality and sleek appearance. To open up your face and not have any thick frames block your peripheral view, check out our rimless glasses here at Glasses 2 You.

Our selection of rimless eyewear are made from the best brands of glasses and are made to the highest quality. Our rimless frames are competitively priced and are sourced from the same companies as high street opticians. The only difference being that our glasses are cheaper in price - same on quality. We're confident that our prices will not be beaten anywhere else. Our prices also include polycarbonate lenses for extra strength and durability.

With Christmas just over 40 days away, now is the perfect time to help our customers with their bank accounts. There's much financial stress around these times and we want to ensure that you don't feel the burn because you need some new spectacle frames. We’ve got a November Special deal where you are entitled to 10% off our already amazing prices. By using the code: SAVE10 when you reach the shopping basket, you will get 10% knocked off the total price. As part of the deal, we also offer a buy any 2 and get a further 15% off your basket total.

We're loved by our customers and we would like to keep it this way. We have an average trust score rating of 9.7 from over 2700 reviewers on Trustpilot.co.uk.



Buy Women's Varifocal Glasses - 2nd November 2015

Are you trying to find good quality women’s varifocal glasses? Often opticians only have a small collection of frames, but when you use an online service like ours here at Glasses 2 You, you can be confident that’ you’ll have a wider variety of options available to you.

Searching for the right glasses can be a challenge, so trying to find a good pair of varifocal glasses can be even harder. There sometimes isn’t the frame you like, the kind of lens you need or the price is too high. By using our service though, we can guarantee that your glasses experience will be hassle free and everything you want will be available. Feel free to browse our range of women's varifocal glasses now. They are all available for tempting prices but most importantly are all the same glasses that you find in high street opticians. We not only stock women’s varifocal glasses, but also have men’s varifocals, as well as offer a reglaze service. Our frames range in styles and colours, so you can be confident in finding top quality lady varifocal frames.

All of our glasses are priced to include single vision prescription lenses, and you can add any lens extras if desired as you progress through the order process. Shop with confidence today by using Glasses 2 You.

Browse our website now to find out more and to see our range of products and services.



Men’s Eyewear - 26th October 2015

Do you want to choose from a range of good quality and fashionable men’s eyewear? By using our website you can freely and quickly browse our complete range of men’s frames. Whether you have a clear idea of what eyewear you need or not, you can head over to the Glasses 2 You website and refine your search to produce the most accurate selection.

Our vast selection of men’s frames will allow you to find the perfect pair of spectacles, varifocals, sunglasses or safety eyewear. Each of the products are the frames that are on display in high street opticians, the only difference is that we provide them for a much cheaper price. You can sort your search by price or name, size, material, frame type or colour. Once you have decided how you're going to search, you can then browse the collection of men's eyewear and digitally wear them. Even though our glasses are all affordable, we want you to really profit from our service, this is why we offer 20% off on your basket total. By using the cod SAVE20 you can save 20% on your total price. You can also receive an extra 20% off & free delivery when you buy any 2 pairs of glasses including varifocals.

Head to our website now and use our special deal!



Buy Cheap Prescription Glasses - 19th October 2015

For us spectacle wearers it can cost a lot each time we go for a trip to the opticians. Not only do we pay for the test but sometimes we may have to pay for new lenses or even new frames. This can all tot up to at least £200 per visit. This kind of money in one swift payment can really have an effect on some of us and so finding an alternative opticians is key. Finding cheap prescription glasses can be a challenge, but not when you search the range available with Glasses 2 You.

Here at Glasses 2 You we provide a complete service that is the equivalent of those high street opticians, but our service overall is personal and personalised to meet the needs of our clients. We have the same stock and the same technology that high street opticians have, but the only difference being the price. We enjoy being considered a smaller opticians because then it allows us to provide an affordable service that is always the same if not better than those other opticians. With the same frames as well you can always be confident to find quality spectacles.


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