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Try glasses on as you browse the site.

How to use the virtual mirror

Using our 'try online' feature to quickly and easily try glasses on as you browse the site makes choosing that perfect pair of glasses a breeze. Use your own photo or one of our pre-loaded models. (Example below)


Simply click the 'Try online' link under any product image you like the look of to call the mirror in to view. If you have uploaded your photo, the associated frame will appear on your face or else it will appear on one of the pre-installed model faces.



You can create a shortlist of frames you like the look of. See below...




Once you arrive at your shortlist page by clicking the links shown above, our mirror really comes into it's own here as it allows you to see each pair side by side on your own face.



Clicking a thumbnail image of you wearing one of the frames will produce a page where you can compare them. See below:




You can now share your images via email and social media to get your family and friend's opinion on what glasses suit you best via a voting page. They simply visit your page and click the button under the frame they like you in the best. Please see example below...


Your friends can vote what looks best



Create a G2Y account and upload a portrait photo of yourself. On future visits to G2Y simply log in, then, as you browse the site, clicking on the 'try online' links under a product will show the corresponding frame on YOUR face! Creating an account >


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