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Choosing the right frame size

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You can make some huge savings when buying online with Glasses2you, however you do want to make sure that you end up with a frame that suits you. We want to make you as comfortable as possible with shopping online for your spectacles so, please familiarize yourself with the following so that you can be confident about the product you order.!

How to choose the correct frame

Frame measurements

Lens Diameter: This is measured across the lens from the bridge

This is the area which sits directly above your nose

Arm Length:
There are three arm lengths that can be regarded as standard; 135mm, 140mm and 145mm

Frame Width:
The total width across the full frame to give you an overall better picture of how these frames compare to your current glasses. (This measurement is for guidance only as it can be slightly adjusted either way by an optician)

Lens Height:
Measurement from the top to the bottom of the lens. All frames can be fitted with single vision lenses. However, if you require a bifocal or varifocal lens, then this measurement becomes important, as multi focal lenses will require a minimum lens depth of 28mm.

If you already have a pair of glasses that you are happy with, the process is very simple. You can choose a pair of a similar style or totally different if you wish. By checking the frame sizes from your own pair against the sizes indicated on our site you will be able to purchase a pair of glasses that will fit comfortably. Please note though, these measurements do NOT have to be EXACTLY the same, just very similar will do. One or two millimeters difference should not make too much difference.

Take a look at the inside of the arms of your glasses. You will see something like 48 [] 17 135 , occasionally written as 48 [] 17 without the arm length. This is because the arms are straight with no curve at the end and also because the arms are quite easily adjusted. You may also find these measurements on the inside nose bridge but more often than not it will be on the arm. These numbers relate to lens diameter, nose bridge width and arm length. The measurements indicated in red in the graphic above are extra measurements we encourage you to take yourselves and will not appear anywhere on your glasses. All the products on our site have these extra measurements indicated.

There may be other numbers and codes on the inside of the arms. These are just manufacturers codes for styles and colours. You can ignore these.

This tells you that the lens diameter is 48mm, the nose bridge gap is 17mm and that the arm length is 135mm.

Now compare these measurements against the glasses on our web site and you will get a comfortable fitting pair of glasses!

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