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Glasses delivered direct to your door UK and Worldwide

Many of us find going to our local Optician time consuming and above all, very, very expensive. Many high street opticians have expensive premesis with expensive stock and expensive staff. On top of this, there are the ever increasing expensive bills attached to running a business from such premesis. Unfortunately, these costs have to be met and are paid for in the form of what you, the customer pays for your prescription spectacles.

However, the internet is changing the way we shop in this country and throughout the rest of the world. Many goods are now brought online from electrical goods to our weekly groceries and this trend looks set to continue as the price of broadband and computer equipment in general continues to fall. The optical world has been digging it's heels in and has refused to budge when it comes to this brave new world. Stuck in their old ways and unwilling to update, Opticians in general are failing to make the move to change with the times. This has resulted in brand new companies like glasses2you. We don't carry the overheads, we don't carry the stock and as a result, you our customers, stand to gain the most.

Now you can go online, choose your specs in the comfort of your own home and receive the same quality prescription spectacles direct to your door at prices so much cheaper, that you could, if you wanted, often afford to buy a spare pair and still have paid a lot lot less than you are used to paying for one. Glasses delivered direct to your door from just £17.95 + p&p. Glasses2you, delivering eyewear direct to your door at unbeatable prices. Join our many delighted customers and get your glasses delivered direct from the internet with glasses2you.co.uk

Some nice things our customers have said about the quality of our spectacle frames, lenses and our customer service
Thanks very much, the last pair of spectacles arrived this morning, I am very pleased with all of them and look forward to ordering from you again in the future.
- Philip in Spain |
Thank you as always for your very prompt service. My new glasses arrived less than 60 hours after I ordered them. They are my third pair off you and I am slowly converting all my friends. Thanks again
- Sally  |
Dear Sir/Madam, The glasses arrived this morning. I'm very pleased with the quality and quick delivery. I will certainly use your services again and recommend to friends and family.
- Kind regards, PG  |
Well, well, well I just wanted to say what a great experience it was to buy glasses from you - i was sceptical just because i didn't try them on first - but i am so impressed, the lenses seem great quality and the fit is wonderful - i now just need the sun shine to use them in. The glasses arrived the morning after you sent your email so both yourselves and Royal Mail were on the ball!!
Kind regards, Louise W |
Just to say that my husband's glasses arrived today and he is very very happy with them, and with the excellent service provided by you. I am coming to England in a few weeks to get my eyes tested so expect another order soon.
- Kind regards, Liz |
Order safely received. Thank you for your assistance and faultless support. My wife will be ordering her new spectacles from you shortly.
- David Gale |
Good morning, The replacement glasses have arrived. Three days - impressive! Thank you for your wonderful service. My husband now wants to order some.
- Hilary MacMillan |
Great glasses,so much cheaper than the optician.Arrived quickly and I loved the case which is small enough to fit nicely into a handbag. Thoroughly recommended.
-Ruth  |
Fast, efficient and very easy to deal with
-Paul L.  |
This was the first time I'd used G2U - I had used GD a lot and they were fine - the glasses were of decent quality and came quickly. So I wasnt expecting too much when I used G2U as I couldnt find any frames I liked on GD this time around. I ordered the glasses on a Sunday and on the Tuesday I got an e-mail to check a potential error: I'd supplied a reading addition but told them I wanted to use them for a laptop. We exchanged e-mails (nice to talk to a human!) and agreed on a slightly revised addition. The Cubik Titanium glasses came ten days later and they are just the job. I'm impressed with the attention to detail and the quality of the product,
- R Cox |
very very good value won't go anywhere else. Never had a problem with this supplier recommend to everyone
- G Rhodes |
Very happy with the service and product, I will use them again. The glasses arrived within 10 working days, I'm happy.
- DB  |